We have high expectations. We help our students develop the dispositions of life long learners.

Mairangi Bay School Values

Achievement: By setting high standards, having a ‘better than before’ attitude and striving for personal excellence.
Community: By being respectful, inclusive, and committed to being active participants in the communities to which we belong.
Curiosity: By being passionate about learning, having an inquiring mind and using what is learned to make a difference.
Hauora: By having a strong sense of identity and caring for our physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being.

Mairangi Bay School Visions Principles

Lifelong learners

Effective thinkers

Effective communicators

Strong sense of citizenship

Mairangi Bay School Learning Keys

Think: Be critical & Be creative & Be reflective & Be a problem solver
Communicate:Process information & Express ideas
Manage myself: Be organised & Persevere & Be confident & Do my personal best
Relate to others: Respect others & Show empathy & Listen actively & Celebrate diversity
Contribute: Work in a team & Get involved  & Improve our environment