Mairangi Bay students are proud to wear their uniform to school and sporting events.  Full uniform details are provided to parents in a parent handbook which is available upon enrolment.

Uniforms are available to try on and purchase at the the school office Monday – Friday 10am – 2pm.



School uniform broad brim hats are required for summer terms.

Compulsory for all students from start of Term 4 2015.

Availability: From the school office, or through our online ordering system. There are 3 sizes available:  55 inch, 57 inch, and 59 inch.

$20 each.


Footwear requirement is for black shoes with the dress uniform (chosen from the school range offered by retailers) and black sandals with the summer/sports  uniform (chosen from the school range offered by retailers). There is significant choice within these requirements.

Children who require sports shoes for sports practices need to bring them to school in their bags. Parents are reminded to name footwear with permanent marker or by personalised stick on labels available for this purpose.

Availability: Choose from the school range at the Warehouse,  No 1 Shoes, Hannahs or other stores.   There is a range of footwear offered  but note that the shoes/sandals must be black with no other colours (this includes shoelaces).

Headbands and Socks

Headbands may be worn but they must be a plain and navy or white. Children who come in the wrong socks will be required to change them.

Availability: Navy and white socks from the school office, or through our online ordering system. Available in shoe sizes 9-12, 13-3, or 4-6 at $12 for a 3 pair pack

General Reminders

No undergarment (eg thermal) should be visible.
Each uniform item must be named and can then be easily claimed from the lost property.


Teachers will send home strip notices to any child not in correct uniform requesting that the matter be addressed.
Any child not in correct uniform (incl footwear) will  be sent to the office. The parents will be phoned and asked to provide the correct uniform and second hand items loaned for the day to allow the student to return to class.

Thank you for your support. We aim to improve safety for our children by mandating broad brim hats and to smarten up the look so that the Mairangi Bay School uniform is worn with pride.