Mairangi Bay School Parent Teacher Association was formed to provide a valuable link between teachers and parents, raise extra funding and to build a strong sense of community. If you are interested in learning more about the wonderful work this group are involved with please contact

PTA Meetings

Once a month at 7.30pm on the following dates:

Tuesday April 2nd

Tuesday May 21st

Tuesday August 13th

Tuesday September 10th

Tuesday October 22nd

Please join us – we welcome all newcomers.

PTA Minutes


February 26 2019 

April 2 2019

May 21 2019

ChairpersonNicky Rooksby
Vice-ChairpersonJulia Whitfield
SecretaryKaren Mclean
Vice SecretariesNancy Wang, Haiyan Jin
Co-TreasurersLisa Peel, Andrew Plinston
Vice-TreasurerHelen Dou

Become Involved!

Take a look at the PTA office holder positions and see how you can become involved and help your school.

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