Our Team

Note that the email address protocol is first name followed by the first letter of [email protected]

You can contact anyone in our school by email using this protocol.

Senior Leadership Team

Name Position Email
Nathan Janes Principal [email protected]
Claire Worthington – Blair Deputy Principal Year 0-3 (SENCO, learning support, pastoral care) [email protected]
Peter Stoner Deputy Principal Year 4-6 (SENCO, curriculum and assessment, extension, pastoral care) [email protected]

Junior Team

Name Room No. Level Email
Claire van Rooyen 9 Year 0 [email protected]
Di Kruyen 10 Year 1 [email protected]
Rebecca Hensman 11 Year 1 [email protected]
Amanda Drabble – Year 1 Learning Leader 12 Year 1 [email protected]
Jan Westerkamp – Year 2 Learning Leader 6 Year 2 [email protected]
Jill Garton 7 Year 2 [email protected]
Anna Smith/Maree Cutfield 8 Year 2 [email protected]

Middle Team

Name Room No. Level Email
Jo-Anne Otto 1 Year 3-4 [email protected]
Chrissy Jones 2 Year 3-4 [email protected]
Claire Garnett – Year 3-4 Learning Leader/ Janine Rollerson – Friday Teacher 3 Year 3-4 [email protected]
Amanda-Jane Leith – Year 3-4 Learning Leader 4 Year 3-4 [email protected]
Jody Kukard 5 Year 3-4 [email protected]

Senior Team

Name Room No. Level Email
Kristie Daniels-Burl 14 Year 5 [email protected]
Megan McIsaac/Maree Cutfield – Friday Teacher 15 Year 5 [email protected]
Nicola Faulkner – Year 5 Learning Leader 19 Year 5 [email protected]
Steve James 16 Year 6 [email protected]
Briar Gimblett 17 Year 6 [email protected]
Michelle Webster – Year 6 Learning Leader/Janine Rollerson – Thursday Teacher 18 Year 6 [email protected]

Part Time Teachers

Name Position Email
Sunny Cheong Garden to Table Teacher Volunteer [email protected]
Clare McCormack Classroom Music and Performance Groups [email protected]
Holly Hopcroft Resilience Programme Teacher [email protected]
Tania Jenner Reading Recovery Teacher [email protected]
Sarah Campion Support Programmes & ESOL [email protected]

Support Staff

Name Position Email
Claire Worthington-Blair ESOL Director/SENCO/Pastoral care/Behaviour management [email protected]
Michelle Webster Curriculum/Assessment/SENCO/Pastoral care/Behaviour management [email protected]
Holly Fang Executive Officer & BOT Minute Secretary [email protected]
Anita Nicholls Enrolments Officer and Office Administrator [email protected]
Julia Whitfield Student Services and Office Administrator [email protected]
Frank Jia International Services Manager [email protected]
Louise Hopkins Library Administration & Resources [email protected]
Julia Whitfield Uniform Sales [email protected]
Paul Loader Property Manager [email protected]
Rebecca Hale Sports Coordinator [email protected]