Opt In Activities

We provide a number of extra activities for our children because we believe in providing a diverse range of experiences that enable children to discover their passions.

Kapa Haka 

For children who enjoy learning and performing Maori and Pacifica action songs

For Years 1 to 3 (Pepi Kapa Haka)  Fridays 11.00-11.30

For Years 4 to 6 Fridays 11.30 – 12.30
Contact Emily Houston or Anna Osbourne

[email protected]  [email protected]

Chess Club

For children who enjoy chess or want to learn

All welcome
Held in Ruma Matihiko
Contact John Fowler
[email protected]

Drama Club

For children to develop skills in drama

Year 5-6
Contact Nikki Black
[email protected]


Gardening projects, NZ Conservation activities

For Year 4-6
Held Wednesday lunchtimes in Room 5
Contact Jody Kukard
[email protected]

Marimba Group

Ensemble playing using marimba, xylophones and percussion
Preparing for the Marimba Festival and performances in school and in the community

For Year 5-6
Held Thursday at 8.10am in Music Room
Contact Clare McCormack
[email protected]

Senior Choir

Singing performance group. Participating in the APPA Music Festival, Kids Sing and the Mid Bays Music Festival

For Year 5-6
Held Thursdays at 1.30pm in Music Room
Contact Clare McCormack
[email protected]

Junior Choir

For Yr0-3 children who love singing and performing.

For Year 0-3
Held Thursday lunchtimes in  Room 6
Contact Jan Westerkamp
[email protected]

Ukulele Club

Learn to play and perform on the ukulele. Participating in the Ukulele Festival.

For Year 3-6
Held Thursday lunchtimes in Music Room
Contact Clare McCormack
[email protected]

Gymnastics Club

For children who want to have fun learning gymnastics

For Year 5-6

Contact Mel Mason

[email protected]

ePro8 Club

For Year 5-6
Lunchtime club in preparation for ePro8 competition

Contact John Fowler
[email protected]

Interschool Rippa Rugby

3-Day tournament

For Year 3-6
Held April – August at lunchtime week before competition on field and turf
Contact Nikki Black
[email protected]