Opt In Activities

We provide a number of extra activities for our children because we believe in providing a diverse range of experiences that enable children to discover their passions.

Culture Group

For children who enjoy learning and performing Maori and Pacifica action songs

For Year 3-6
Held Tuesday lunchtimes
Contact Jeanette Smail

Chess Club

For children who enjoy chess or want to learn

All welcome
Held in Library / old ICT Suite
Contact Peter Stoner

Drama Club

For children to develop skills in drama

Year 5-6
Contact Nikki Black


Gardening projects, NZ Conservation activities

For Year 4-6
Held Wednesday lunchtimes in Room 20
Contact Siobhan Cooper

Marimba Group

Ensemble playing using marimba, xylophones and percussion
Preparing for the Marimba Festival and performances in school and in the community

For Year 5-6
Held Thursday at 8.10am in Music Room
Contact Clare McCormack

Senior Choir

Singing performance group. Participating in the APPA Music Festival, Kids Sing and the Mid Bays Music Festival

For Year 5-6
Held Thursdays at 1.30pm in Music Room
Contact Clare McCormack

Junior Choir

For Yr0-3 children who love singing and performing.

For Year 0-3
Held Thursday lunchtimes in  Room 6
Contact Jan Westerkamp

Ukulele Club

Learn to play and perform on the ukulele. Participating in the Ukulele Festival.

For Year 3-6
Held Thursday lunchtimes in Music Room
Contact Clare McCormack

Gymnastics Club

For children who want to have fun learning gymnastics

For Year 5-6

Contact Mel Mason


Coding Club

This will be starting soon

For Year 3-6
Caley Plinston

Interschool Rippa Rugby

3-Day tournament

For Year 3-6
Held April – August at lunchtime week before competition on field and turf
Contact Ryan McWilliams