Netball (Winter Season)

Played in Terms 2 & 3
Registration during term 1 – notices will be in newsletter/sent home
Year 1-5 played on Saturdays at Pinehurst
Year 4-6 played Monday/Wednesday at Netball North Harbour
All year 4-6 students will be trialled to determine which teams they play in
School Sports Registration Form

Year 1-5 (Year 5/6 mixed league can be entered)


Pinehurst School


The Winter League runs during Terms 3&4. Please check the website regularly for updates

Cost:  TBC


$40 will be charged for netball dresses that have not been returned by the end of the season.

Payments can be made online – visit our School Payments page for more information.

Year 1

Children play a non-competitive league 6-a-side version of netball.  They have two centres, two attackers and two defenders (bibs are provided). They play with size 4 netball, 1.8m (6ft) goals on a ¾-size court. If providing your own umpire for this age group they must be an adult willing to work with their mentors.

Click here to see Court Layout

Year 2

Play with size 4 netball, 2.3m (7ft 6in) goals on a full size court. Children play in the traditional positions of netball but the main emphasis is on the understanding of passing of the ball down the court towards their goal and then shooting a goal. Games are 2 x 15min halves with a 2min break at half time.

Year 3

Play with size 4 netball, 2.6m goals on a full size court.  The players quickly develop their skill and understanding of netball.

Year 4-6


North Harbour Netball, AMI Centre, Northcote

Dates:  TBC

Cost: TBC

Payments can be made online – visit our School Payments page for more information.

Netball Trials

Students will be trialled at school during lunchtime for Year 4,5 & 6 – Dates to be confirmed. Please note that a registration form must be completed and payment must be made before the trial dates.  Please also ensure your child has the correct shoes to trial in and that long hair is secured back. No player will be considered for top team selection unless they trial.  Please refer to Sports Handbook for top team selection process.

Trialing can be an exciting and/or stressful experience for children and parents, especially for those who are anxious to improve their skills or worrying for those who find themselves in a different team, not with their friends. The reason for it is to help enable those with like abilities to play together, but also open the door for new players. Michele Wallace (from Netball North Harbour) will conduct our trials and we do our very best to ensure team selection is as fair as possible.

Please have a discussion with your child before the trials and assure them that whatever team they find themselves in, they will still have every opportunity to improve both individual skills and team spirit.

Once the trials are complete, teams will be formed based on the abilities during the selection process and parents informed. All trials are final and are not up for negotiation.

Netball North Harbour Registration

All Players need to complete the School Sports Registration form and make payment to secure a place in a team.  Players not already registered with Netball North Harbour will also need to register with NNH (this will apply to Year 4’s and any new Year 5 or 6 players).

Register online with Netball North Harbour

ALL teams playing in the Netball North Harbour competition MUST supply their own coaches, managers, and umpires. If your team does not have a Coach, Manager or an Umpire you may be unable to register your team.

Umpires, Coaches and Managers of Year 3-6 teams are required to attend one of the compulsory NNH Rules & Admin Evenings, dates to be confirmed.

Game Time Request

A team manager may be able to request a particular game time to play each week during grading games – this must be advised to the sports coordinator prior to team registration.

Info on netball at Netball North Harbour or coaching / umpiring training checkout –

Team Information


The role of the coach is to train their team of children on a weekly basis. School will provide an opportunity for court times and it is the coach’s responsibility to ensure that their team practices on a regular basis. It is also the coach’s responsibility to attend their team’s games and to provide support and guidance where necessary. The coach will work alongside the team Manager to ensure all children are informed of their weekly game time and positions for each game.


The role of the Manager is to collate team information and inform parents and children weekly of their game times. The managers will work alongside the team coach and attend their team’s games.

The Manager / Coach must ensure that the students sign the Code of Conduct form before the competition begins.


The role of the Umpire is to attend games to umpire their team’s game weekly. Umpires will need to attend the training sessions if they have not umpired before and it is strongly encouraged that umpires attend the Umpiring courses regularly to up skill on the game of Netball.


MBS sports uniform and sports shoes. Hair must be tied back, nails short & no watches or jewellery allowed

Introduction to Netball

Rules for playing netball