Kids Online Singalong 2022. We hope that the finished product gives you some much-needed summer vibes!

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The music education programme is a feature of our school.

One of the country’s leading music educators, Mrs Clare McCormack is our specialist music teacher and she teaches all students classroom music.

The approach is primarily Kodaly and Orff and the school is very well equipped for resources including a music room full of marimba, xylophones, ukuleles and other instruments.

Our children have many opportunities to make music including choirs, dancing groups, and instrumental groups for marimba and ukelele.

In year five and six there are performance opportunities which include the Mid Bays Music Festival and the Auckland Marimba Festival as well as performances at school assemblies and important events.

We have permission from ONZA to share the following videos which explain why we are so excited about our music education programme.

Part 1 – History of Orff Approach

Part 2 – Benefits to Students

Part 3 – Benefits to Teachers

Part 4 – Lead up to Festival

Part 5 – The Marimba Festival