Miniball / Basketball

Year 1-6
Games played on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
Games are held only during term times, not during school holidays
This team sport is available to both boys and girls
School Sports Registration Form

Year 1-6 League


Junior Breakers League (7 Atlas Place, Mairangi Bay)

Dates for 2023: 

Semster 1 2023 Junior Breakers League

Year 1-2 Leagues

Games are to be played on Wednesdays after school

Start Date:  Wednesday, 22nd February

End Date:  Wednesday, 5th July 

Fees: TBC


Year 3-4 & Year 5-6 Leagues

Start Date:  Week of 20th February

End Date:  Week of 3rd July

Year 5-6 play on either a Tuesday or Thursday after school

Year 3-4 play on either Monday or Friday after school (Excludes 7th  April – Easter Friday, Monday 5th June – Kings Birthday )

Fees: TBC


All fees are to be paid via the school bank account. Please use your child’s name and ‘Miniball’ as reference. 

Name: Mairangi Bay School

Account number: 12-3042-0320436-00

Team Information


The role of the coach is to attend their team’s games and to provide support and guidance where necessary. The coach will work alongside the team Manager to ensure all children are informed of their weekly game time and positions for each game.


The role of the Manager is to collate team information and inform parents and children weekly of their game times. The managers will work alongside the team coach and attend their team’s games.

The Manager / Coach must ensure that the students sign the Code of Conduct form before the competition begins.


MBS sports uniform and sports shoes.

Introduction to Miniball 

Rules for playing miniball