Hockey (Winter Season)

Boys and Girls Hockey
Years 3-4 or Year 5-6
Played in Term 2 and 3
Various game times between 5.30pm - 8.00pm
School Sports Registration Form


North Harbour Hockey, Crowns Relocations Stadium, Paul Matthews Road, Rosedale

Dates for 2021:  TBA



Payments can be made online – visit our School Payments page for more information.

All teams are now 6 aside.

Strictly no boys are allowed to play in girls teams, however if due to lack of numbers, and as a last resort, girls may play in boys teams.

Year 3/4 Mini Sticks – 6 aside:

  • Entry level hockey for new players or those who have done Fun Sticks (Yr 1/2)
  • Games are played across a 1/4 turf for 30 minutes
  • Game played between 4.00pm – 5.30pm (approx)
  • No Yr 5/6 players permitted in yr 3/4 competition

Yr 5/6 Kiwi Sticks (Development) – 6 aside:

  • Introductory module for new yr 5/6 players to hockey
  • Games are played across a 1/4 turf for 30 minutes
  • Games played between 5.30pm – 6.30pm (approx)
  • Yr 3/4 players may play in this grade (only if required to make up numbers)

Yr 5/6 Kiwi Sticks (Advanced) – 6 aside:

  • for more experienced yr 5/6 players (stepping stone to 11 aside hockey)
  • Games are played across a 1/2 turf for 30 minutes
  • Goal circles are used and penalty corners taken
  • Girls may play in boys teams (only if required to make up numbers). Not suitable for yr 3/4 players.

Players must be available for the whole season. If there are a large number of children wanting to play, then trials wil be held. If this is necessary, details will be advised in the school newsletter.

Your child may be required to attend practices that may be out of the Mairangi Bay School grounds.


It is the coach’s responsibility to attend their team’s games and to provide support and guidance where necessary. There are no practices, players learn in the pool during game time. The Millennium may run some beginner clinics during the term.

The coach will work alongside the team Manager to ensure all children are informed of their weekly game time and positions for each game.

The coach must ensure that the students sign the Code of Conduct form before the competition begins.


The role of the Manager is to collate team information and inform parents and children weekly of their game times. The managers will work alongside the team coach and attend their team’s games.

Managers will be required to contact the Sports Coordinator if there are any team changes.


MBS sports uniform. Players must provide their own shin pads, mouth guard, and hockey stick

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