Fees / Fundraising

The school donation/contributions are set annually by the Board of Trustees.  It is in the nature of a voluntary contribution but it must be emphasised that it is impossible to offer the quality of education required by our parents and staff from the funds which the Ministry of Education provides for basic schooling requirements.

Activity $  75.00
Swimming $  55.00
Camp (Year 5-6) $285.00
Resilience Programme – booklet (Year 4-6) $20.00
Health/Puberty programme (Year 5-6) $10.00
Donation $250.00
Yearbook (optional) $20.00

Please read summarised letter from our Board

Mairangi Bay School continues to provide education of a high standard for our children.  The Education Review Office has, in its latest report, commended our school as a high performing provider and one that continues to improve.  

You might not be aware that every year there is a significant funding shortfall between money provided by the Ministry of Education and what is required to deliver our excellent educational programme. Mairangi Bay School is a decile 10 school, which means our school receives the minimum amount of government funding to operate.  A low decile school could receive around $1,000 per student more than we do from the Ministry of Education. The government donation scheme of $150 per student for decile 1-7 schools has further enlarged the funding gap. The Government’s reasoning is that schools in high decile areas have a greater ability to get donations and fundraising support from their communities than lower decile schools.  

The school relies on additional monetary support from families. These additional funds enable the Board of Trustees to deliver on its legislative objective to ensure that every student at school is able to attain their highest possible standard in educational achievement.  Additional funds help to provide:

  • Additional academic teaching staff.
  • Additional in-class teacher aide support.
  • Music, Te Reo, and environmental programmes.
  • Cultural and art activities within the school.

Donation: The Board has worked hard on this year’s budget, factoring in a large decrease in international student income due to ongoing pandemic, to plan for the same level of donations as last year of $250 for 2022. Receiving donations early helps the school plan for the full benefit of the children so the recommended date for receiving the donations is before 28th February. Further donations and contributions are most welcome and appreciated if you feel inclined to give additional support. The school donation is tax deductible and you have the option to transfer this tax credit to the school.

Activity cost: This is to cover direct costs including transportation and entry fees for school trips, experts and performers who visit the school to contribute to learning programmes. What this money pays for term by term will be included in the team newsletter sent each term.

Swimming tuition cost: Mairangi Bay School has a joint venture arrangement with local swimming facilities. Trained instructors provide small group instruction to participated students. The cost calculation is based on the swimming instruction programmes and the bus charges.

Yearbook: A colourful record of the year’s school events/life and printed by a specialist printing company. It is packed full of photos showing children throughout the school engaged in a  variety of activities. Always a popular keepsake; a book that your children will look back on in the years ahead. Reserve your copy now for a December delivery.


Extra learning opportunities for Year 5&6 students:

Camp: The camp cost is calculated after a detailed examination of all the expenses including transport, food and instructors. The budget is made available to parents. Parents of Year 5 & 6 students were sent a notice about this at the end of last year. Please advise us, in confidence, if hardship makes this contribution difficult. 

Health/Puberty Programme: A highly recommended programme which is delivered by experts designed to prepare our students for the changes at puberty. ( Nest Consulting: https://www.nestconsulting.nz/school-programmes/positive-puberty-plus/). Should you want to, you are able to opt your child out of this programme.

The Resilience Project (for year 4 to 6 students)This programme promotes student wellbeing through GEM concepts, (Gratitude, Empathy and Kindness) and is taken by classroom teachers as well as a specialist teacher.  In 2021, this programme was financed by the Tania Dalton Foundation and from a grant from the Ministry of Education.  In 2022, the Tania Dalton Foundation will cover the subscription costs.  The Ministry of Education will not fund the workbooks that accompany this programme.  The school has decided to ask parents in Years 4-6 to cover the workbook costs for this programme.  Students get to keep the workbook to take home at the end of the year.


Donation and Contributions can be made either: 

  • direct from your online bank to ASB 12-3042-0320436-00 with your child’s name in the reference fields;
  • in person at the office between 8.30am and 3.15pm by EFTPOS, Visa or MasterCard (all are acceptable however, the use of EFTPOS is encouraged as this saves the school paying additional charges to the bank).

If you have challenges in making the donation and contributions, please contact Holly Fang, in confidence, to discuss alternative options: [email protected] or phone 021 851 660.



Early arrangement of your donation helps us with planning of cash flow thus we strongly encourage this be made before 28 February. We appreciate the support you give in assisting us to deliver a strong and inclusive learning programme.  It is the extra support from parents and caregivers that enhances the special character of our school.


Yours sincerely,

Scott Walker 

Board Chairperson


PS Remember to claim School Donations on your Tax Return. If you wish to transfer the tax credit to the school, please tick the option available in the finance statement and pass it back to the school office or email [email protected]

PSS      Sign up to TaxGift for further donation to school with no extra cost. Find out details here.