ERO Report

The Education Review Office (ERO) is the New Zealand government department that evaluates and reports on the education and  care of students in schools. The latest  ERO report confirms that we have a high performing school. “High levels of student achievement and progress distinguish the school.” The Board is delighted that ERO has affirmed the expertise and commitment of our school leaders, teachers and support staff.

The decision that our school will not be revisited for 4-5 years is also an indication that Mairangi Bay School is held in very high regard as we understand only 5% of schools have achieved this status.

Click to go to the latest ERO report for Mairangi Bay School.

The Minister of Education has written to our Board with her personal congratulations “for providing high quality education for students” and she makes special mention of the high levels of student achievement and the increasing numbers of students at the above-expectation achievement bands in reading and mathematics.