School Newsletter Issue 20/07 – 22 June

Coming Up Tuesday 23 June Year 5 Speeches ESOL Parents Meeting 2:15 pm Wednesday 24 June Board of Trustees meeting 7:30 pm in our staffroom. Thursday 25 June Student Learning Conferences 3.20-7 pm [...]

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Distance Learning Survey Lockdown 2020

Kia ora tatou We want your feedback. We want to learn about what worked (and what did not) for distance learning at your place during the Covid-19 lockdown. Your feedback will inform both classroom teaching [...]

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Friday is Mufti Day

UNLEASH YOUR INNER ANIMAL! - SPCA MUFTI DAY -  Bring a gold coin donation please: This mufti day is the initiative of ex Mairangi Bay student Caitlin Edwards. She writes: We are holding a mufti [...]

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Ambulance called

9 June Hello parents An ambulance was called at lunchtime today to attend to a student after a collision with another student when playing on the field. Children were called inside a few minutes early [...]

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Covid-19 Update 8 June 2020..moving to Level 1 tomorrow

Kia ora tatou It's Level 1 Tomorrow I thank all of you who have read the many updates sent over the weeks and played your part. I am delighted that we can (from midnight tonight) [...]

School Newsletter Issue 20/06 – 8 June

Coming Up Friday 12 June SPCA Mufti Day: Gold coin donation Wednesday 17 June Year 6 Speech Contest Thursday 25 June Student Learning Conferences 3.20-7pm At a glance Welcome to our new students [...]

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Covid-19 Update 3 June 2020..we are ALMOST back to normal. Team assemblies and Sports starting

Kia ora  tatou Great news.  We have all students back, with only a few away, and that is due to the usual winter snuffles. Distance learning can cease.  We welcome back all our students, some [...]

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Covid-19 Update 25 May 2020 Concerns about returning

Kia ora tatou Some parents are not yet ready to have their children return to school. Although some classrooms have all students back, some have between 1 and 5 still at home. We understand this [...]

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Covid-19 Update 20 May 2020 Moist Breath Zone

  Hello everyone It's another stunning day with our kids having a ball. I thought you might like to see the video teachers are using to help teach the Most Breath Zone to our kids. [...]

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Covid-19 Update 19 May 2020 Level 2 working..thank you!

Kia ora tatou 3 'Thank you's Thank you for following our requests to limit the number of adults on the grounds before and after school ...and to not linger. Thanks again to all who supported [...]

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