Covid-19 Update 25 May 2020 Concerns about returning

Kia ora tatou Some parents are not yet ready to have their children return to school. Although some classrooms have all students back, some have between 1 and 5 still at home. We understand this [...]

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Covid-19 Update 20 May 2020 Moist Breath Zone

  Hello everyone It's another stunning day with our kids having a ball. I thought you might like to see the video teachers are using to help teach the Most Breath Zone to our kids. [...]

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Covid-19 Update 19 May 2020 Level 2 working..thank you!

Kia ora tatou 3 'Thank you's Thank you for following our requests to limit the number of adults on the grounds before and after school ...and to not linger. Thanks again to all who supported [...]

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School Newsletter Issue 20/05 – 25 May

Coming Up Note that some events may be postponed or cancelled (check Covid-19 updates) Wednesday 27 May Board of Trustees Meeting.  7:30 pm in our staffroom Monday 1 June Queens Birthday Holiday - [...]

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Covid-19 Update 18 May 2020 Welcome back!

Kia ora tatou Our school is again full of the sounds of happy kids. It is a joy to have our kids back at school.  I have visited each classroom this morning. The excitement is [...]

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Covid-19 Update 15 May 2020: Monday’s arrangements, The L2 Plan, Returning devices, More advice for parents

Kia ora tatou We will be ready on Monday morning to welcome our kids back. There will be great excitement! If however, your child is anxious, it is not too late to email the classroom [...]

Covid-19 Update 14 May 2020 School Plan for level 2

Hello everyone Our staff met today to finalise our school plan to comply with public health measures. What will Mairangi Bay School look like at Alert Level 2?  We will: proceed to Alert level 2 [...]

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Covid-19 13 May 2020 Update Thu-Fri Teacher focus is at school not distance learning

Kia ora tatou Tomorrow and Friday, teachers will be meeting at school and preparing classrooms and learning programmes for school next week. They will not have time to commit to running video meetings and providing [...]

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Covid-19 Update 11 May 2020 It’s Official – School is back 18 May!

Kia ora tatou The PM announcement today: Schools open for all students Monday 18 May. The teachers are excited we can welcome our children back to classrooms next Monday. I'm sure the kids will be [...]

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Covid-19 Update 8 May 2020 -Kids back at School for Level 2. Fill in the form if your child is NOT returning.

Kia ora koutou Like me, I am sure you have followed with interest the announcements made by the Prime Minister. It is reassuring to hear how well our country has done at minimising the impacts [...]

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