Board of Trustees Election

Board of Trustees Parent Election Result

Parent representative votes:

Nick Grant74
Courtney Kitchen63
Amy Johnson59
Scott Walker104

Invalid vote: 0

I hereby declare the following duly elected:
Nick Grant, Scott Walker

Returning Officer

Board of Trustees

The school is governed by a Board of Trustees elected every 3 years.

The board comprises 7 members; 5 elected by parents, 1 elected by the staff, and the Principal who is automatically a member.

The Board meets twice a term in the staff room.  Dates of meetings are advertised in the school newsletter and on the school website calendar. Parents and members of the public are welcome to attend Board meetings. Please contact Holly Fang 478 8424 if you plan to attend a meeting.

The minutes of meetings are available on request. Please contact Holly Fang on the number above or  If you are interested in becoming a trustee, contact the Principal or Board Chairperson.

You can contact the board directly at

Board Meeting Minutes

2020 meeting #1 – 26 February
2020 meeting #2 – 22 April
2020 meeting #3 – 27 May
2020 meeting #4 – 24 June
2020 meeting #5 – 19 August
2020 meeting #6 – 23 September
2020 meeting #7 – 11 November
2020 meeting #8 – 9 December

Meet our Board

Scott Walker


Elected Board Member

Kiri Wilson-Cudby

Elected Board Member

John Fowler

Elected Staff Trustee

Robert Saunders

Elected Board Member

Young Sun

Elected Board Member

Anna Rajaratnam

Elected Board Member

Lucy Tagg

Elected Board Member

Bruce Warren


School Audit Report

2019 Mairangi Bay School FS Report

2018 Mairangi Bay School FS and Audit Report