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School organisation letter for 2021

Kia ora tatou Here is a copy of the letter sent with the end of year reports. School organisation letter for 2021  Have a Merry Christmas everyone and a relaxing holiday. Kind regards Bruce Warren

School is closed for the holidays.

From 17 December, school is closed for the holidays. Our office opens on 3 February, Meet the Teacher appointments are 4 February and school is open at 8.30am on 9 February.

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Leaving Ceremony Tonight

Dear parents of Year 5 and Year 6 students What you need to know: The leaving ceremony will be held in the hall tonight Monday 14 December from 6-7 pm. Doors will open at 5.45 pm to [...]

Nikki Black will be the one-stop-shop for sports at Mairangi Bay School.

Dear parents Nikki Black has been appointed sports manager next year. A recent review recommended that we join the out of school sports manager role with the in-school role that organizes school sports events. Nikki [...]

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Awards Assembly tomorrow

Hello everyone Tomorrow's assembly is at 1. 35pm. At this assembly, the school values cups are presented. These prestigious awards are presented each term and presented to the Year 6 students who have been outstanding [...]

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Date change: Important information for Parents of Year 5- 6 students..Leaving Ceremony 14 December 6pm

Dear Parents of Year 5 and 6 students Change of date  Monday 14 December..not Friday 11th.  Feedback about the Friday night indicates that there are many people who would find this difficult.  (eg. people heading [...]

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Invitation to Grandparents and Friends Day (Friday afternoon) and Information

Kia ora tatou This is the information to pass on to our children's grandparents or other adults joining us this Friday afternoon. If grandparents are not available for any reason, we do ask that any [...]

Te Reo and Tikanga Māori in 2021

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzkS9kqQKe0&feature=youtu.be Plans for next year.  

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Invitation to thank you morning tea

We hope you can join us on 10 December at 10.30am -Bruce https://youtu.be/EyUYuVZrEeE

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Our school’s visual representation of what we are about.

Kia ora tatou Mairangi Bay School Ethos Diagram Revised 2 We have been working on this for some time. This is the latest version of our school's visual representation of what we are about. Not [...]

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