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Friday 22 September: Awards Assembly, Last day of T3. School closes at 3 pm

End of Term 3 Summary 2023

During Term 3, our students have again demonstrated a commitment to learning through curiosity, collaboration and connection. They engaged in multiple inquiries to understand the exciting topic of ‘Systems’. We investigated three different areas of understanding: Biospheres (Years 1-2), The Solar System (Years 3-4), highlighted at our impressive showcase last week, and Ecosystems (Years 5-6). Each provided rich learning opportunities that expanded skills and knowledge, igniting curiosity about the world around them. Our students’ hard work has resulted in impressive achievements that will serve them well for Term 4 inquiry – Celebrations. We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support, ensuring our tamariki (children) reach their potential. A Hero milestones report will be shared soon, indicating your child’s progress. Feel free to contact your teacher if you need any further information.

Rich Learning Opportunities

It has been great to see so much progress this term, developing passions, interests and cultural identity school-wide. Opportunities included Kapa Haka, Book Week, leadership and mentoring, sports, dance and music, gymnastics, Garden to Table, Yu-Gi-Oh Club and Tech Ninjas. Thank you to Miss Jones for developing our lunchtime programme, including Girls on Fire, running club, football training, chess, knitting, library sessions, and Enviro Club. Thank you to Mrs Garton for developing Travelwise and our walking school bus parents. We are excited to refine these opportunities as we collaborate next term to meet student needs and interests.

Te āo Māori – Te Reo and Tikanga

Once again, our tamariki have continued to develop cultural leadership and explore talents and passions through Kapa Haka and te āo Māori. This included participating in our very first school-wide community Matariki evening service, performing arts assembly, leading our Mihi Whakatau to welcome our Deputy Principal Kelly Shea, and performing at the end of term Kāhui Ako Pīpīwharauria Festival. If you want to join us, do not hesitate to contact our ISL Mātauranga Māori leader, Briar Gimblett, at [email protected]

The Arts

We have also shared our talents and passions through the arts – dance, ukulele, marimba and choir. Our students have continued to express their talents, including performing at the Kiwilele Jam, Kids Sing Choir Festival, and Marimba Festival, celebrating Sing Up Day with over 25,000 singers in 178 schools from all over the world, and showcasing our talents at the end of term performing arts assembly. These accomplishments are again a testament to our students and teachers’ hard work, resilience, kindness, respect and positive attitude. 

STEAM Opportunities

Years 5 and 6 students participated in an internal EPro8 Challenge, an inter-school science and engineering competition this term. Every year, over 25,000 students from throughout New Zealand take part. MBS students participated in a series of events: first within and then inter-school. This year, Mairangi Bay School hosted 48 teams of four from over 25 schools across Auckland on Thursday, September 7 and Friday, September 8. These STEAM events promote science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics through collaborative problem-solving. The EPro8 Challenge is organised by a small team passionate about science and engineering. Having run over 1000 EPro8 Challenge events throughout New Zealand, the EPro8 Challenge continues to grow and improve. Andrew, this year’s organiser, stated, “We invest heavily in new equipment and challenges so that every year is something different.” To find out more, CLICK on this LINK.


Students have continued to show the power of teamwork and determination in sports. Whether netball, rippa rugby, football, hockey, flippaball or basketball, our children have trained hard and pushed themselves to new limits during Term 3. Our students have experienced multiple opportunities to be active, participate and compete – especially during our lunchtime programme with the open PE shed. Congratulations to all our students who competed this term on the hockey, basketball, netball and football zone days. Your determination and support for each other are outstanding. Thanks to Rebecca Hale and Di Kruyen, our Sports and PE coordinators, for another great term. If you have any questions, please adhere to the sports handbook.

Displaying Our School Values

It is great to see our students embracing our school values, weaving kindness, respect and resilience in everything they say and do. Despite a few challenges this term, our students have remained steadfast and have worked extremely hard to connect and support each other to reach their goals. A special thanks to Belle, Evie and Cole Dobbie for leading our Auckland City Mission food drop and supporting whānau across our community. Our school donated over 1700 food and toiletries items for families that need support. Ka pai.  

Our community has also raised over $2000 for KidsCan, training for the Auckland Marathon on Sunday, October 29. If you are keen to support, please check your Hero posts.

PTA Quiz Night

Our fabulous PTA organised a community quiz night this term and raised over $12K to upgrade our playgrounds. Once again, we thank the following businesses for their generosity and support. We are truly grateful.

  • Ray White Milford
  • Kris Cunningham
  • TMT Productions
  • Continental Cars
  • Matakana Sculptureum
  • Facetime Beauty Clinic
  • Hair Intentions
  • Bar Africa
  • New World Milford
  • AUT Millennium
  • Pupuke Golf Course
  • Barkers clothing
  • Farro
  • Vegeland Mairangi Bay
  • El Greco
  • Under Armour
  • Artists Russ and June McLean
  • Eternelle Jewellery
  • Wen & Yen Bakery
  • Global Art
  • Newhaven Gardens
  • Brooke Fine Foods
  • Max Clothing
  • Yoga Sanctuary
  • Astley Construction
  • The NZ Breakers
  • Timothy Wayne-Wright
  • Anna Smith and Family
  • The Blues
  • Event Cinemas Albany
  • Jump Trampoline Park
  • Optimum Wellness
  • Wellness Revolution
  • Central Thread
  • Olly Wilson and Constellation Wines

 Community Engagement

We would also like to thank our community partners and our sponsors to include:

  • Dynamic Sports NZ (Sports Uniforms and Equipment)
  • Neo Build (Sports Uniforms and Signage)
  • The Hairdressers Mairangi Bay (Sports Uniforms)
  • Ray White Mairangi Bay (Sports Uniforms, Hospitality)
  • Kris Cunningham – Kiwi Spirit Award and Hospitality
  • Young Family (Hospitality, signage)
  • Northern Rovers FC (Sports Coaching)
  • Team Turf (Surface Repairs)
  • Tiger Turf (Play Surfaces)
  • sKids (Sports Equipment)
  • Broderick Design and Printing (Signage)
  • Bunnings (Materials and Gardens)
  • Newhaven Gardens (Gardens)
  • New World Milford (Hospitality)
  • Mairangi Bay Village Magazine (Advertising)
  • Spike@school – (Website Grants)
  • Gill and Gundry Concrete Ltd (Property)
  • Yoga Sanctuary (Wellbeing)
  • Zone Landscapes (Gardens)
  • Eco-neighbourhood (Gardens)
  • Garden to Table (Curriculum)
  • Pupuke Golf Course (PE)
  • Girls on Fire (Lunchtime Programme)
  • Nutty Scientist (After School Programme)
  • TopCorner Football (Lunchtime Programme)

Your ongoing support and kindness in helping to develop discretionary projects not funded by MoE is also truly appreciated. We can not thank you enough for your contributions to our kura (school). 

Other News

Property Update – MoE Funded

This term, we have continued to complete many property projects, including the upgrade of heat pumps, installation of our welcome ensign and native plants, painting of the administration block and toilets, and more planting in our school kaitiakitanga orchard. During the school holiday, we will:

  • Paint the Room 7-8 clock bays
  • Install Team Turf beside Room 15 and outside the school office
  • Gardens will be refreshed
  • The school site will be water-blasted 
  • All classrooms will be cleaned, and lino will be polished

Other property projects in the coming months include refurbishing our Junior Block, hall roof external and internal repair and more signage. Our vision modification upgrades are planned for November. This includes upgrading our handrails and step thresholds to ensure our school site is safe and inclusive. 

The second Community Working Bee has now been advertised on HERO, seeking volunteers on Sunday, 24, Monday, 25 and/or Tuesday, 26 September, from 10 am-2 pm. The project includes laying mulch and installing 180 native plants beside the junior playground with support from Logan and the team at Zones Landscaping. If you want to help, please sign up HERE. We want to thank Logan for his generosity and time, supporting our kura and helping to develop kaitiakitanga across our community.

Website Refresh – Grant Funded

The website refresh team has almost completed the content of our new website. Once completed, we will launch to help develop a visible programme and streamline communication. Exciting times ahead.

School Donations 

We thank everyone who has made contributions and fee payments to the school. This donation is vital and will make a difference. If you still determine your account has been paid or wish to set up a payment plan, please contact Julia at [email protected]. Your contribution helps us with planning, and we appreciate the support you provide in assisting us to deliver a solid and inclusive learning program. Please contact the school office if you have any questions regarding the payments.

School Holiday Programmes: Mairangi Bay School

Term 4 

As we look to the future, I encourage our ākonga (learners) to continue approaching learning with the same determination, curiosity, and enthusiasm shown this term. Our school’s vision is to be motivated, brave and sincere in everything we do. This term, students have embodied our vision through their dedication to learn, willingness to try new things and take risks. Ka pai!

Looking Ahead – Save the Dates

  • Monday, 9 October: School Starts
  • Monday, 23 October – Labour Day
  • Monday, 13 November – Teacher Only Day (School Closed)
  • Friday, 15 December: School Ends

Please check the school website for dates and times of events during Term 3. Alternatively, do not hesitate to get in touch with your class teacher.

Term 1 – 2024

  • Thursday, 1 February 2024: Meet the Teacher Day ONLY
  • Friday, 2 February 2024: First day of instruction
  • Friday, 12 April 2024: School Ends

Thank You 

We want to thank our staff for their tireless efforts, hard work and dedication to guiding our tamariki (students). We are grateful for the countless hours they have put in to ensure that our students have the support they need to thrive. We would also like to thank our whānau and Board of Trustees for their ongoing feedback, guidance and encouragement. It is appreciated. 

Our mission is to learn together to create a better tomorrow. As we close out Term 3, I am proud to say that we have taken significant steps towards achieving this mission. We appreciate your manaakitanga (care and generosity) and whanaungatanga (home-school partnership) for helping us achieve our potential.

Whakamaua te pae tata kia tina.

Take hold of your potential so it becomes your reality.

Finally, I want to acknowledge our students’ incredible resilience and perseverance this term. Their commitment to learning has been genuinely inspiring, even in the face of so many challenges. As we move into Term 4, I encourage everyone to continue embodying these values and living out our school’s vision and mission. Remember that every action we take and our words can positively impact the community around us.

Please have a relaxing holiday, and we will see you all refreshed next term

He nui ake tō mātou mana i te kura anahe – We are more than just a school


As a polite reminder, school starts at 8:55 am. Although we appreciate lateness can not be helped, it can be disruptive to teaching and learning. If you are able to arrive on time, as highlighted in our latest Hero post, it is truly appreciated.

Student Achievements

North Shore Swim Club Records
During July and August this year, Iris Chang, Room 19, broke two 9-year-old girls’ North Shore Swim Club swimming records.
25m Freestyle in 15.69 seconds
25m Butterfly in 17.16 seconds
Congratulations Iris!


Wow, what another amazing term of sports at our MBS!  All our zone days went ahead this term, and our students truly demonstrated our school values of respect, kindness, and resilience. It’s worth noting that we are one of the smallest schools in our cohort, but we did our school proud. It’s incredible to see how our students came together and excelled in sports while upholding these important values. This term has been a great reminder of the positive impact sports can have on our school community and I’m so proud of all our students for their hard work and sportsmanship.

The zone days this term: Rippa Years 3-6, Netball Years 5 and 6, Mixed hockey team Years 5 and 6, Football and Basketball for our Year 6 Boys and Girls. A big shout out to the awesome students from Murrays Bay Intermediate! We wanted to say thanks for all the help you provided in coaching our students before and on the big day. Your support was amazing, and we’re so grateful for it! I also want to personally thank all the parents who have generously volunteered their time to drive our students to and from the venues. Your support has been indispensable, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

Our lunchtime sports have been a lot of fun. We have had coaches from North Harbour hockey delivering sessions for those who wanted to give hockey a try. We look forward to having you back next term. Thanks again to Paul Gothard from Northern Rovers for generously dedicating his time to our sports programme,

This week, we had table tennis in the hall, which the students really enjoyed! We will continue table tennis next term in the hall at lunchtime on Tuesdays alongside badminton. 

It has been great to see many students taking part in these sessions as it is a wonderful way to stay active and have fun. I am looking forward to more exciting sports experiences next term!

Mrs Kruyen – In-school sports coordinator.


Following a successful winter season of netball, several teams were recognised at the end of season awards.

Year 2 Suns
The Year 2 Suns received the Sportsmanship Award for the Year 2 grade, Kidz Play Netball.

Ayla Morrison, Madison Hall, Leanna Field, Leah Davies, Lucia Foden, Adiane Saaiman, Ella Mitchell, and Tiahomai Samuals absent.

Year 5 Asteroids

The Year 5 Asteroids have had a very successful season, competing in the Year 5 A grade, in which they placed 3rd, at Kidz Play Netball.

Emily Gee, Remi Ellis, Evie Dobbie, Kayla Brunton, Paige Hopkins, Nen Sharma, Dani Corkhill, Fenella Foden

Year 5 Galaxy 

The Year 5 Galaxy have had their amazing Sportsmanship recognised by receiving the Maureen Mulcahy trophy for the team that received the most votes by other teams in the Kidz Play Netball competition. This award is for displaying an outstanding attitude, being supportive to their own and opposition players and always giving their all each and every week.  This was out of 194 teams in the competition! 

Maisie Merriman, Angelika Liu, Alice Caldwell, Rosa Norman, Grace Lough, Tyla Handisides, Alice Ding, and Yufei Liu absent.

Flippa Ball

Yr 5 Dolphins

Following the Term 3 competition of Flippa Ball, the Year 5 Dolphins have placed 3rd in the Year 5/6 Silver grade.  Congratulations to: Emily Gee, Nen Sharma, Alice Caldwell, Dani Corkhill, Maisie Merriman, Jett Davies, Fenella Foden and Charlie Weber.


2024 Term Dates

The term dates for 2024 have been added to the sidebar of our newsletter to help you plan for 2024.

After School Activities

Community Notices

Go the distance for kids in need – Auckland Marathon

Did you know that kids can take part in the Auckland Marathon?
This iconic event isn’t just for elite athletes, the whole family can join in with distances ranging from the kids 2.2km event, 5km, and 11km to the more traditional half and full marathons.
The idea behind the Kids Marathon is that they complete a training programme beforehand clocking up 40kms and then run the 2.2km course starting on Fanshawe Street and crossing the same finish line as everyone else in the heart of Victoria Park in front of thousands of cheering fans, friends and family where they will receive their medal.
The charity KidsCan would love to have your kids and family on board taking part as fundraisers to help them fulfil their vision of a better New Zealand for all Kiwi kids.
This provides an opportunity to promote exercise for well-being at the same time as giving back and helping other children less fortunate than them.
$360 is what it takes for KidsCan to support a child living in poverty with food, clothing, and health items for a year… and as a thank you to our younger fundraisers, once they hit that mark, they will earn themselves a free KidsCan running shirt and an awesome LEGO pack.
Read more about KidsCan here –
If kids from Mairangi Bay School raised a collective $10,000 they would be supporting a whole class of kids in need.
How amazing would that be!

Please note: Mr Janes will be starting the lunchtime running club on Mondays and Tuesdays. Please meet Mr Janes at the amphitheatre wearing suitable running footwear at 12:30.

Kids Auckland Marathon Event details:
 Sunday 29 October
 Kids Marathon starts at 10.30 am
 $40 per child
 Age 5-12 years
 10-12 years are required to run on their own
 5-9 years may be accompanied by 1 adult on course
 Accompanying adults are free of charge but must register
Getting involved is a 2-step process:
1. To register for the event as part of Mairangi Bay School go to, click on ENTER NOW, choose event distance, fill in the questions. Under ‘Team Information’, select Join a Team and enter Mairangi Bay School, click ‘Continue’, sign the waivers, proceed to checkout and you are done.
2. To join the Mairangi Bay School fundraising team click and “Join Team” to set up your own individual fundraising page.


Treasure Hunters FREE Holiday Programme at ECB Library

A3 poster ECB Library Treasure Hunters holiday programme

NSC Baseball Have a Go day

Northern Rovers Holiday programme

Big Buddy

Big Buddy matches boys without dads in their lives with volunteers. Good guys with big hearts who help them grow into good men. For more information, please click here.

Free Give-it-a-go days at Bays Athletics

Te Whatu Ora – Health New Zealand has asked that we share the following information with our school community.

This winter, between Monday 12 June and Saturday 30 September, participating community pharmacies in Auckland will provide a Minor Health Conditions Service for Māori and Pacific people, children aged under 14 years, and community service card holders.

The service allows pharmacists to have a clinical consultation and provide advice as well as medication if needed for a select set of minor health conditions at no cost to the patient.

It also includes whānau members of a child with similar symptoms. For example, if the pharmacist determines your child needs treatment for scabies and they have older brothers or sisters, or you yourself also have symptoms, they may provide advice and medication for all of you.

The following health conditions are included in the Minor Health Conditions Service:

Acute diarrhoea
Eye inflammation and infections
Pain and fever
Minor skin infections

If your condition needs further support, the pharmacist can tell you the best place to go to get further help.

Let’s spread the word to our friends and whānau about this new service! It’s also important to remember that you can always speak to your local pharmacist for free health advice, even if you are not eligible for this service.

Participating pharmacies can be found by going to HealthPoint and searching “Minor Health Conditions”. You can also find a list here.

General Elections

Āwhinatia tō hapori kia whakaputaina ngā whakairo
Help your community have their say

The 2023 General Election will be held in October and we want every eligible New Zealander to enrol and vote.

Voting starts on Monday 2 October and finishes at 7 pm on election day, Saturday 14 October.

We’d like your help to get as many New Zealanders as possible to have their say. Let’s work together to make that happen.

You can help by sharing information with your community about enrolling and voting in this year’s General Election.

On our website you’ll find information and links to resources you can download or order to share in a variety of ways – on social media, on your website, in newsletters or direct communications, or as display materials at your workplace, marae, library, or community centre to help spread the word to your friends, whānau and community.

Resources are available in different languages, te reo Māori dialects, and alternate formats. We’ll continue adding new resources to share as the election approaches.

We value your support in helping us make information about enrolling and voting available to your community and encouraging their participation in the 2023 General Election.

Enrol. Vote. Be Heard.

Local Information

Mairangi Bay Village Magazine Our Book Week is featured on Page 11

Tots to Teens Magazine

Channel Magazine