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Friday 11 August: Y5-6 Book Battle – Northcross Intermediate School
Friday 11 August: Y0-2 Team Assembly 1.30 pm-2.15 pm, Y5-6 Team Assembly 2.15 pm-3 pm
Friday 11 August: Matariki Evening Service 5:30 pm-7 pm

Tuesday 15 August: NH Hockey Lunchtime – Y5-6 Boys
Wednesday 16 August: ICAS English Block 1 (selected students Y5-6)
Wednesday 16 August: Northern Rovers FC Lunchtime Training
Wednesday 16 August: Girls on Fire Y5-6 Lunchtime Programme
Thursday 17 August: Cluster Basketball
Thursday 17 August – Marimba Group Y5-6 – 8:20 am- 9:30 am
Thursday 17 August – Ukulele Club 12:30 pm
Thursday 17 August – Senior Choir 12:30 pm

Monday 21 August: Te Kawerau ā Maki – Visiting students 9:30 am
Tuesday 22 August: Cluster Hockey
Tuesday 22 August: EPro8 Internal Event (Y5-6)
Tuesday 22 – Wednesday 23 August: MBIS Enrolments
Wednesday 23 August: ICAS Science Block 1
Wednesday 23 August: Girls on Fire Y5-6 Lunchtime Programme
Wednesday 23 August: Northern Rovers FC Lunchtime Training
Thursday 24 August – Principal Cafe 1:45 pm
Thursday 24 August – Marimba Group Y5-6 – 8:20 am-9:30 am
Thursday 24 August – Ukulele Club 12:30 pm
Thursday 24 August – Senior Choir 12:30 pm
Thursday 24 August: Y3-4 Team Assembly 2.15 pm-3 pm
Friday 25 August: Y0-2 Team Assembly 1.30 pm-2.15 pm, Y5-6 Team Assembly 2.15 pm-3 pm
Friday 25 August: Cluster Hockey save the day
Saturday 26 August: PTA QUIZ Night

A message from our Tumuaki

Welcome to this edition of our school newsletter, where we dive into the fascinating world of mathematics as we celebrate Maths Week. Students participated in mathematics games, quizzes and logical problems, from the tiniest equations to the grandest theories; maths shaped our week at Mairangi Bay School. So why is mathematics so important?

Mathematics in Everyday Life

Mathematics is everywhere, whether you are calculating the cost of groceries, planning a road trip, or even measuring ingredients for your favourite recipe. It empowers us to make informed decisions, manage finances, and solve everyday challenges. Remember, there is a foundation of mathematical thinking behind every successful endeavour.

Building Problem-Solving Skills

Mathematics nurtures critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It encourages us to approach complex problems methodically, break them down into manageable steps, and devise innovative solutions. These skills extend far beyond our classroom, aiding us in tackling challenges across various fields and professions.

Driving Technological Advancements

The rapid progress of technology owes much of its success to mathematics. Mathematics is the driving force behind these innovations, from the algorithms that power search engines to the encryption that secures online transactions. As we embrace the digital age, a solid understanding of math becomes increasingly essential.

Exploring the Universe

Mathematics is the language of science. It enables us to unravel the mysteries of the universe, from understanding the orbits of planets to predicting the behaviour of subatomic particles. From the vastness of space to the intricacies of quantum mechanics, mathematics provides us with the tools to explore the unknown.

Art and Aesthetics

Even in the realm of art, maths plays a crucial role. Patterns, symmetry, and geometry are at the heart of artistic creations, from ancient monuments’ architecture to modern sculptures’ design. Appreciating the mathematical beauty in art enriches our cultural experience and deepens our understanding of creativity.

Global Connectivity

In a more interconnected world than ever, maths fosters a universal language that transcends borders. It enables collaboration among people from diverse backgrounds, facilitating communication, trade, and knowledge sharing. Embracing maths helps us become active participants in a global society.

In conclusion, mathematics is not just a subject to be studied at Mairangi Bay School. it is a powerful tool that shapes our lives in countless ways. So, let us embrace maths this week, nurturing our understanding. As we continue our journey of learning, let us remember that maths is not just about numbers; it is about unlocking the potential within us to think, innovate, and thrive. Keep calculating, problem-solving, and exploring the wonders of mathematics!

Year 5 and 6 Speech Finals

This week we were also enthralled by the eloquence and passion at the Year 5 and 6 Speech Finals. These talented students took to the stage to articulate their viewpoints on various topics. As the spotlight shone on these budding orators, their confident delivery and well-crafted speeches left the audience spellbound. With each carefully chosen word, they demonstrate their impressive public speaking skills and ability to think critically and express themselves effectively.

With support from Year 5-6 teachers, all students planned, crafted, practiced and delivered a worthy speech in their classroom, providing an invaluable learning experience. Students learn to research, structure, and deliver compelling speeches, developing communication skills to serve them well. Moreover, these finals fostered a sense of camaraderie and mutual respect among participants as they engaged in a respectful exchange of ideas, leaving an indelible mark on the audience and promising a brighter tomorrow through the power of words.

Matariki Evening Service

Matariki is a time for our tamariki (students), kaimahi (staff), and whānau (families) to come together to acknowledge the year gone by and make plans for the year ahead. It is a time to honour the past, celebrate the present, and plan for the future. On Friday, 11 August, Mairangi Bay School will be celebrating Matariki with an evening service from 5:30 pm-7:00 pm.

We would love all our community to join us on the basketball courts, under the stars, celebrating the Māori New Year, enjoying a free sausage sizzle and coffee after the ceremony.

To find out more, please click on the following links:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Principal: [email protected]


2024 Term Dates

The term dates for 2024 have been added to the sidebar of our newsletter to help you plan for 2024.

After School Activities

Community Notices

Te Whatu Ora – Health New Zealand has asked that we share the following information with our school community.

This winter, between Monday 12 June and Saturday 30 September, participating community pharmacies in Auckland will provide a Minor Health Conditions Service for Māori and Pacific people, children aged under 14 years, and community service card holders.

The service allows pharmacists to have a clinical consultation and provide advice as well as medication if needed for a select set of minor health conditions no cost to the patient.

It also includes whānau members of a child with similar symptoms. For example, if the pharmacist determines your child needs treatment for scabies and they have older brothers or sisters, or you yourself also have symptoms, they may provide advice and medication for all of you.

The following health conditions are included in the Minor Health Conditions Service:

Acute diarrhoea
Eye inflammation and infections
Pain and fever
Minor skin infections

If your condition needs further support, the pharmacist can tell you the best place to go to get further help.

Let’s spread the word to our friends and whānau about this new service! It’s also important to remember that you can always speak to your local pharmacist for free health advice, even if you are not eligible for this service.

Participating pharmacies can be found by going to HealthPoint and searching “Minor Health Conditions”. You can also find a list here.

Local Information

Mairangi Bay Village Magazine

Tots to Teens Magazine

Channel Magazine

3rd North Shore Girls’ Brigade
A truly awesome group for girls aged 5 years and over.
We are an International and Interdenominational Christian girls’ organisation.
We are an Organisation that helps girls to learn new skills and experience new challenges and adventures while working in a safe, caring environment. We encourage them to grow and discover
their potential. Providing an opportunity for them to meet new friends and having a whole lot of fun in the process.
We meet on Monday evenings at the Milford Baptist Church, Dodson Avenue, during school terms, from 6 p.m to 7.30 p.m.
Come along and see what we do. For further information please phone one of the following (after 6 p.m). Marion 444-9556 or Angela 09420-3101