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Friday 26 May – Travelwise Park and Walk Day

Monday 29 May – Class and individual school photos

Monday 29 May – Years 3-4 Team Assembly, 1:30 pm in our school hall

Monday 29 May – Years 5-6 Team Assembly, 2:15 pm in our school hall

Thursday 1 June – Northern Dance Competition

Friday 2 June – Years 0-2 Team Assembly, 1:30 pm in our school hall

Friday 2 June – Sports Cafe, 1:45 pm in our staffroom

Monday 5 June – King’s Birthday Public Holiday – School Closed!

Tuesday 6 June – Year 2 MOTAT Trip

Wednesday 7 June – Year 1 MOTAT Trip

Thursday 8 June – East Coast Bays Rippa Rugby Festival

Friday 9 June – Jammies in June – Wear your pyjamas to school and bring some new ones to donate

Friday 9 June – Chinese whānau workshop, 9 am in our staffroom

Monday 12 June – Cluster Cross Country

Monday 12 June – Years 3-4 Team Assembly, 1:30 pm in our school hall

Monday 12 June – Years 5-6 Team Assembly, 2:15 pm in our school hall

Tuesday 13 June – East Coast Bays Rippa Rugby Save Day

Wednesday 14 June – Cluster Cross Country Save Day

Thursday 15 June – Website refresh Cafe, 1:45 pm

Friday 16 June – Whanaungatanga Breakfast, 8 am – 8:45 am in our staffroom

Friday 16 June – Years 3-4 Auckland Zoo Trip

Friday 16 June – Little Bo-Peep Mobile Farm visit

Friday 16 June – Years 0-2 Team Assembly, 1:30 pm in our school hall

A message from our Tumuaki

Cross Country Celebration

It was great to see so many parents and caregivers support our students during cross country today. Thankfully the weather kept us all dry, supporting our tamariki (students) to be resilient throughout the course.

In the pursuit of success, our students encountered various obstacles and setbacks that required resilience. This skill is important as it enables us to bounce back from adversity, adapt to change, and maintain a positive mindset in the face of challenges. It involves perseverance, determination, and the capacity to maintain focus on long-term goals despite temporary setbacks. This year our cross-country event presented numerous physical challenges, including endurance and stamina. Our students endured hours of training, pushing through fatigue, and overcoming physical and mental discomfort. These demands require resilience to maintain motivation and continue striving towards their objectives. Thank you for all your efforts, everyone. You all did a great job. Congratulations to all our winners. Over the coming weeks, our cross-country team will be training together in preparation for the Mid-Bays Cluster event on Monday, 12 June (Week 8). Details of the training programme will be published next week.


Year 1 Girls: 1st – Cora Vining, 2nd – Olivia Lusby, 3rd – Grace Li

Year 1 Boys: 1st – Gabriel Coburn, 2nd – Kaleb Stuart-Aonga, 3rd – Eddie Lipshaw

Year 2 Girls: 1st – Ella Mitchell, 2nd – Leah Davies, 3rd – Lucia Foden

Year 2 Boys: 1st – Cole Dobbie, 2nd – Oliver Payne, Joint 3rd – Samuel Cao & Jonathan Gao

Year 3 Girls: 1st – Jorja Salsone, 2nd – Ava Corner-Eagle, 3rd – Lola Gonzalez

Year 3 Boys: 1st – Eden Kim, 2nd – Johann Kwok, 3rd – Nathan Kairuz

Year 4 Girls: 1st – Meelah Hall, 2nd – Mila Mitchell, 3rd – Tayla Mather

Year 4 Boys: 1st – Sam Casey, 2nd – Hudson DeMeyer, 3rd – Benji Wilson

Year 5 Girls: 1st – Fenella Foden, 2nd – Yufei Liu, 3rd – Anna Bradshaw

Year 5 Boys: 1st – Leo Duncumb, 2nd – Arden Donaldson, 3rd – Charlie Lin

Year 6 Girls: 1st – Esther Choo, 2nd – Clarisse Krisnando, 3rd – Wynter Golaboski

Year 6 Boys: 1st – Patrick Tagg, 2nd – Cole Hansen, 3rd – Harry Mitchell

Congratulations to all our runners!

Teaching and Learning Mathematics at Mairangi Bay School

To help understand the teaching of mathematics, in line with the current New Zealand Curriculum expectations, Mairangi Bay School weave the following areas of mathematics within and across our programme:

  • Number Knowledge and Strategy
  • Algebra Geometry
  • Measurement
  • Statistics

Number Knowledge and Strategy

Number involves flexibly calculating and estimating using appropriate mental, written, or machine calculation methods.


Algebra involves generalising and representing patterns and relationships in numbers, shapes, and measures.


Geometry involves recognising and using the properties and symmetries of shapes and describing position and movement.


Measurement involves quantifying the attributes of objects using appropriate units and instruments. It also involves predicting and calculating rates of change.


Statistics identifying problems that can be explored by using appropriate data, designing investigations, collecting data, exploring and using patterns and relationships in data, solving problems, and communicating findings. Statistics also involves interpreting statistical information, evaluating data-based arguments, and dealing with uncertainty and variation.

How can you help at home?

Please find every opportunity to discuss mathematic concepts i.e. Tell the time, practice your times tables, read and write numbers or take part in measuring during baking etc. If you would like any explicit support, please contact your class teacher.

Ngaa manaakitanga,

He nui ake tō mātou mana i te kura anahe – We are more than just a school.


Auckland Writers Festival

Have a hurl and listen to MB School today. On the 16th of May, we set off on the Murrays Bay Intermediate van. When we arrived at Aotea Centre, we saw lots of people selling books. When we walked in, we each got a free book. We listened to four authors. Lev Grossman, James Russel, Kirli Saunders and Paul Admanson. When we asked them questions, they all preferred reading to writing. Lev Grossman likes animals, James Russel likes dragons, Kirli Saunders likes Cockatoos and Paul Admanson likes hunting and fishing.
After we listened to all four of them, we could get their signatures and then we had to get back to school. By Maisie Merriman and Cecilia Song.

Travelwise – Park and Walk, Friday 26 May

On Friday, 26 May, our MBS Travelwise team has organised a “Park and Walk” morning. This essentially promotes parking your car somewhere not too far away from the school gate in a safer area (drop zone) and walking the remaining distance to school. Its purpose is to reduce traffic congestion around the school and to improve the safety of everyone outside the school gate.

Our school is a TravelWise school
We encourage you to walk your children to and from school as it:

  • Helps improve the fitness and health of you and your child
  • Gets your child to school awake, alert and ready to learn
  • Keeps the school gate area clear of parked cars so it is safer for everyone
  • Helps your child to learn road sense skills and become familiar with the community
  • Is good for the environment and reduces your carbon footprint
  • Is a great social activity for friends and Whānau
  • Is free and easy

We will be meeting and parking in the car park adjacent to Mairangi Bay Beach Volleyball Club on Ramsgate Terrace. Departure time from the car park will be at 8.30 am, which will give us plenty of time to get to school. The Travelwise mascot, Max the Pukeko, will be there to welcome you and accompany you on your short walk up Mayfair Crescent, then along the walkway to Galaxy Drive. You will arrive at the lower entrance to MBS, where you’ll be welcomed with a hot cup of Milo. We also heard a rumour that our Principal, Mr Janes will be walking with us, which would be very cool indeed! Our team is looking forward to walking to school with you and your child.

Understanding Education in NZ – 9 June, 9 am



School Closed!

Monday 5 June is the King’s Birthday Public Holiday. The school will be closed and re-open on Tuesday 6 June.

Jammies for June – Friday 9 June

Wear your pyjamas to school and bring some new pyjamas to donate.

For more information, please click this link.

Community Notices

Mairangi Bay Village Magazine

Tots to Teens Magazine

Channel Magazine

Midbays Life at School Event

We are pleased to announce our first ‘Life at School’ event, June 14th, 7-8.30 pm, being held at Murrays Bay Intermediate. After last year’s inaugural event being so popular, we will run two events this year, focusing on providing information for new parents whose children will be starting school soon. You are all welcome to attend, please encourage everyone to register at

The Information evening will have a Panel made up of teachers responsible for the Junior classes from our Mid Bay Kahui Ako Primary schools.

The Panel will answer questions gathered from the audience. It is an informal evening that we hope will answer questions from Preschool parents.

Life at School Information Evening 2023 Life at School Information Evening 2023

East Coast Bays Library is again hosting the Tim Bray Theatre Company for a special storytime presented by actors from the company.

After the stories we will have colouring in to enter the competition to win a pass to the live show.

This time we will be celebrating The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton, a favourite with tamariki everywhere.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

Arts & Crafts Workshop – Rangitoto College Art Club – July School Holidays
My name is Hedy Yang, a Year 12 student at Rangitoto College. I am writing as a representative of the Rangitoto College Art Club.
We are holding an arts and crafts workshop aimed at primary school children (Year 3-6) in the July holidays (7th and 14th July), I will be one of the three leaders in charge.
Please see the flyer below for info.