Meet the Teacher is scheduled for Feb 2.  Contact the school office if you do not have the Hero app in order to make a booking to meet your child’s teacher.  Health measures will be in place to ensure everyone’s safety.  School for all children starts on Feb 3.

The Teacher Only Day scheduled for Feb 8 will be postponed for later in the year.  Our planned professional development won’t work under a Red CPF setting.

A Mairangi Bay School Covid Protection Plan will be available this week so you can keep informed about how we will operate at Red.  All students will be able to attend school, we will have health measures in place and there will be some changes to the end of the school day to keep everyone safe.  While some information will be available on the home page of our website, more regular and comprehensive information will be sent out via the Hero app (which can be downloaded from the App Store or it’s Android cousin).