Dear Parents of Year 5 and 6 students

Change of date  Monday 14 December..not Friday 11th. 

Feedback about the Friday night indicates that there are many people who would find this difficult.  (eg. people heading away for the weekend, those with work functions, people with commitments that cannot be changed) 

We understand that we are unlikely to please everyone but believe that more people will be able to attend this event on Monday night. 

So..the info again with the new date.

What you need to know:

  • The leaving ceremony will be held in the hall on Monday 14 December from 6-7 pm. Doors will open at 5.45 pm to allow parents to take a seat.
  • Students are required to be in their winter school uniform as this is a formal occasion. 
  • Students need to be at school by 5.40 pm (at the latest) to allow time to prepare. We will meet in Rooms 1 & 2 before walking down to the hall.
  • Year 5 students are required to attend to farewell their Year 6 friends. They are performing.  (Ceremony only) Parents of Year 5 students welcome to stay for the ceremony or return at 7 pm to collect their children. 

Following the Leaving Ceremony will be a celebration on the field from 7-8.30pm. This is for year 6 students and their families.

  • Please ensure students and siblings have dinner before the ceremony. There will be a light snack and slushies supplied after the ceremony for Year 6 students. 
  • There will be non-alcoholic drinks and refreshments available to parents 
  • If students would like to bring along a change of clothing for the leaving celebration afterward – then they may do so.
  • Hungerball, bouncy castle, music, photo opportunities, and other activities will be available.

This is an important event to celebrate finishing 6 years at school. Please inform the school if you have another commitment on 14 December and your child will not be attending (Year 5 or Year 6). We do hope to have everyone here ofr this special occasion. 

The Senior Team teachers