Kia ora tatou

This is the information to pass on to our children’s grandparents or other adults joining us this Friday afternoon.

If grandparents are not available for any reason, we do ask that any other adult who is significant in your child’s life, be invited:   an uncle or auntie, a neighbour, a parent!

This information will be printed on a handout with a school map and handed to our visitors by student leaders on arrival at 12.00.

Grandparents and Friends Day Friday 4 December 2020

Welcome to Mairangi Bay School. We are really pleased to have you join us today. 


  • 12.00 Visitors arrive with picnic lunch. Cup of tea/coffee provided by PTA outside the hall, available until 12.45. Find a seat outside the hall and enjoy the entertainment. Stay near enough to the outside sound system by the hall so you can hear announcements. Entertainment provided by school musicians.  (If it is raining we will invite you into the hall) 

Toilets for visitors are in the hall foyer. First aid at the school office. 

Hats advised. Sun block available from our school office. 

Your young hosts will come and find you when they break for lunch.

  • Welcome (Principal, Bruce Warren) 


  • 12.55   (approx) Picnic lunch for visitors and children anywhere in our school grounds. 

Shade areas include the Junior Shade Area, the Amphitheatre behind  Rooms 1-4, and the area behind Rooms 5-8. 

After the picnic lunch, feel free to join in any games on the courts and fields or just relax. 

  • 1.30   (bell) Children to bring visitors to their classrooms.

If you are hosted by more than one grandchild you will want to split your time. The child may act as your guide to take you to the room of their sibling, or you may use the map (see over) 

  • Afternoon in classrooms  


Note that you are welcome to take your grandchild home before 3pm if you choose to. It is grandparents’ day after all! If so, you will need to sign each child out in their  classroom and to ensure the classroom teacher is informed. 


This day is a highlight of the year for our children. Thank you for coming. 


Kind regards

Mairangi Bay School staff

School map supplied on the hard copy handout