Kia ora tatou

We will be ready on Monday morning to welcome our kids back. There will be great excitement! If however, your child is anxious, it is not too late to email the classroom teacher.

At a glance: What you need to know

  • Everyone is back Monday (except anyone who is sick or vulnerable)
  • Facemasks are not mandatory in schools but children are welcome to wear them.
  • Drop off & pick up: scan the Covid tracer app at each gate, don’t linger, only authorised visitors
  • The Level 2 plan worked well last time and has been reviewed..we are ready
  • Return borrowed devices ASAP, please
  • If you have questions, just ask me

Everyone is back Monday

If people are sick, they should stay home (phone Healthline or their GP and get tested if a doctor or health professional recommends doing so). Anyone who is self-isolating, or who has been advised by health authorities to remain at home while they wait for their COVID-19 test results, must stay home. Anyone who has low immunity or health issues that make them vulnerable to the virus can stay home. Students who become unwell during the school day will be sent home immediately. Parents are asked to arrange for someone else to collect if they are not working closeby.

Classroom teachers will be back in classrooms so distance learning programs will stop.

We expect to see everyone back on Monday. It was a wonderful reunion last time and we expect it to be another happy day!

Facemasks are not mandatory in schools but children are welcome to wear them 

Face coverings are mandatory on public transport now for Level 2 but not required in schools at any alert level. Any children or staff members who wish to wear face coverings at school may do so if they want to.

Drop off & pick up: scan the Covid tracer app at each gate, don’t linger, only authorised visitors

  • Under Alert Level 2 parents and caregivers are asked scan the Tracer app and not to linger on site.  We wish to encourage a drop-off and pick up only approach to restrict the number of ‘adults on-site’. Where possible there should be one person designated for pick up and drop off. 
  • We ask parents not to enter classrooms unless you have a specific need. Use the contact tracing register in the classroom if you do enter a room. A kiss and wave at the school gate is best or a goodbye hug outside the classroom. (Parents who have children on their first day at our school and parents who have emailed the classroom teacher about their child’s anxiety are exceptions.) 
  • During the school day 9am -3pm  authorised visitors only. Visitors must use the Vistab tablet in the office to sign in and sign out. 
  • The office is open although parents are asked to order uniforms online, phone or email and postpone visits until Level 1 if possible.
  • The adventure playgrounds are closed before school and after school. (open for kids during the school day) 
  • Skids is open for before and after school care. Check its website) No parents or children to enter the grounds until the 8.30am bell (except for children registered for Skids on the day)


  • Children will use chairbags (which will be supplied if your child does not already have one) or tote trays at Year 5-6 for their stationery and water bottle. 
  • Drinking fountains will be turned off. Students will need a named drink bottle at school

The Level 2 plan worked well last time and has been reviewed..we are ready

We will:

  • return to Alert level 2 with caution. We have chosen to continue to limit non-essential curriculum activity both in and outside of school.  Although some activities such as school assemblies and school trips are now permitted at level 2, we will postpone activities like these until we are confident our protocols are working and that nationally we are progressing as expected. To this end, we will review the situation after two weeks  and opt to reinstate assemblies and trips etc if it is safe to do so;
  • comply with up to date advice from the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health; and
  • continue the best practice strategies such as hand washing, cough/sneeze etiquette, doors hooked back,  sick stay away, physical distancing where possible, tracking people, surface cleaning etc

The plan should give you confidence that we have the necessary measures in place.   School Reopening Plan for Alert Level 2 

Return borrowed devices ASAP, please

If you have borrowed a school device please send it with your child on Monday. Ensure that both parts of the power cable/charger are with it.

If you have questions, just ask me

Enjoy the weekend and we’ll welcome you all back from 8.30am Monday! Can’t wait!

Kind regards

Bruce Warren, Principal

PS: The PTA Movie night that was going to be this Friday is, of course, off.