Kia ora tatou

Rangitoto College has reserved seats for us at their  Chinese and Korean Cultural nights. We have an allocation of 15 seats for parents and 15 for children. This is especially for children interested in dance and open to any Year 5 and 6 students.  The seats will be allocated on a first in first-served basis. Any unallocated seats 2 weeks before the event will be offered to other schools.

If you would like to attend one or both events email  with (1) your name and the name of your child who is coming with you;  and (2) make it very clear WHICH EVENT you want to attend.

Korean Night – Friday 31st July 5:30pm

  • This is the actual performance. The public will be seated in the main part of the auditorium and our seats will be upstairs.
  • The dancers will also be upstairs when not onstage.
  • Tickets will be given to our school  2 weeks before the performance for you to collect or be sent home with your child.
  • Tickets are the same as for the public but a different colour.
  • Free, but there will be a box there for coin donations.

Chinese Night – Wednesday 12th August 3:30-10:00 (but no need to stay til 10:00)

  • This is the technical rehearsal, therefore there will be some stopping and starting. We will be the only audience.
  • A teacher, Karen Cebalo will be at the door and will just tick off students/parents as they arrive.
  • Free, but there will be a box there for coin donations.

We are grateful to Rangitoto College for providing this opportunity.