Hello everyone

We completed our lockdown exercise just before 3pm and all students, staff and people on-site were safely accounted for.  Our children followed instructions. The Harrison Tew expert observed the operation and was impressed. After school, we have reviewed our response with him.  We have a few minor improvements to action next time.

You can be confident that if we need to go into lockdown, we know how to do it well. You know you will be emailed and then can stay up to date checking our school website.

Thank you to all the parents at the Galaxy Drive gate. I’m usually there at 2.55 to welcome you in but was delayed a couple of minutes releasing classrooms from lockdown. You knew what was happening and stayed outside.

I asked several children waiting to be collected,  how it was for them. They said they almost fell asleep..so I don’t think we need to worry about anxiety!

Have a great weekend everyone