Date:  26 June  2020  Alert Level 1

Critical Need to know and action

  • Meetings:  No All Leaders meeting next week. The first teacher meetings next term are:…Week 1 Hero on Monday and the MBW (Mairangi Bay Way- our version of PB4L)Team on Tuesday  and Week 2 Child development on Tuesday.(Bruce)

  • The next iteration of our school values: There are several reasons for us to revisit our values. (1) Covid-19 has been a reset event and it makes sense to look anew at our values; (2) the iwi consultation on the strategic plan suggests we need to strengthen our bicultural perspective, especially manaakitanga (kindness and respect); (3) the Mairangi Bay Way initiative will be more productive with values that can be clearly linked to the behaviours we expect and (4) some feedback has suggested that concepts  like innovation are not really values and (5) innovation, hauora and community are hard to make real for 5 year olds! We will ask the MBW team to meet with Jo Robson on Tuesday 21 July 3.15-5.15pm to progress this work and invite Board members  and staff to put your hand up if you would like to be involved. We will take what this group comes up with to staff and the community for comment. If you would like to contribute at the 21 July session let me know (Bruce)

  • People who have laptops going off lease next week – can you start the process of removing personal items from any drive that isn’t onedrive.  These people are Peter, Jill, Rebecca, Adam,  Catherine, Mel, and Jody.   You may get the news ones at the end of next week.  (PS)

  • Please check the Countdown for end of term tidy up  Term 2 Countdown (Jeanette)

Heads Up

  • We have appointed Sunny Cheong  as our kitchen specialist and Mel Waters as our garden specialist. Both of these parents have been regular helpers for this program and understand very well what it is they need to do to get things up and running again. Welcome Sunny and Mel! Thank you Siobhan.(Bruce)

  • Covid-19 testing: Parents are on to it. We have had over 50 kids tested so far.  If there was a confirmed or probable case linked with our school or early learning service, we will be advised of that by the Medical Officer of Health or our local public health authority. Our regional Ministry of Education staff would work with us  and local health authorities to agree a plan. That would happen quickly and support would  be provided to assist us to communicate with and support our parent community and staff. (Bruce)

  • Teacher aides have voted overwhelmingly to endorse their pay equity settlement. Teacher aides will all soon automatically translate to their new pay steps, which will be paid in October pay periods. (Bruce)

  • Energy saving – a kind reminder to please turn off the lights in the hall after you finished the activity there. (Holly)

  • A request for help: l am a provisionally registered teacher, and I am currently completing postgraduate studies at the University of Auckland.  I am contacting you as I’m looking for teachers who would be willing to be interviewed for a research project I am undertaking as part of my studies.  The focus of my dissertation is: teachers’ attitudes and beliefs towards teaching science.  I’m looking for teachers who are willing to participate in an interview on this topic, which would take approximately 20 – 30 minutes.  Interviews would be held at a time that suits you, between Monday 29th June, and Friday 7th August 2020, and held either at the school, or via a video call online. Please contact me.  027 446 3843 Cinnamon Davies

  • Free Circus tickets available from the office. (Bruce)

Our team

  • Kia Ora Everyone, I can’t tell you all how thrilled I am to take over the year 1 class and to become part of Mairangi Bay school community in Term 3. I love teaching young children and have been doing so in Wuxi, China where my husband and I and our 3 kids have been living for the past 5 years. I’ve also taught early childhood in a small town called Gordonton, literacy classes at UNITEC, and English in Japan. I am passionate about soccer but love most other sports too. I like reading, good food and enjoying nature in this stunningly beautiful country. I am so looking forward to meeting you all soon and to become part of what I’ve heard is an amazing teaching team. Donata Gray