Lockdown Practice Friday 2.30pm

Our school works with Harrison Tew, School Emergency Plan consultants, to ensure we have excellent responses to any emergency. We regularly practise lockdown and evacuation procedures. Harrison Tew will be assisting us again. At about 2.30pm on Friday you will receive an email indicating the lockdown exercise is underway.  This will be to the email address you have provided the school.

The website is always the source of information in an emergency so please do not try to contact staff members and stay away as the office will be unattended. 

We talk with our kids about a threat being a storm or swarm of bees (not any human threat) as we don’t want to cause any unnecessary anxiety. Our children see school as a safe place and we want to keep it that way!

We will let you know how this practice goes. We have been very impressed with how our kids have responded in previous practices. 

Regards, Bruce

Bruce Warren