The purpose of the Student-Led Conference is for your child to tell you about their learning in reading, writing and mathematics..and other areas if there is time.

Each person attending the conference has a role to play:

Your child: is the focus of the conference. You will be shown their books and he or she will talk about what has been learnt and their next learning steps. There may be less clarity this year due to the time away from school for Covid-19. There will certainly be less in books to share. Children are welcome to talk in their first language. They may also show you around their room.

Parents: your role is to listen to your child talk about their learning, ask questions to gather more information and praise their efforts. Examples of questions you may want to ask will be on the tables in the classroom. The focus on achieving the learning intention takes precedence over neat presentation (especially in writing books). It is an opportunity to celebrate your child’s efforts.

The teacher: will welcome you to the classroom and prompt children during the conference if necessary.

Each session is for 15 minutes, however, you may exit the classroom when your child has finished sharing. A bell will ring to signal the end of the session.