Date:  18  June  2020  Alert Level 1 

Critical Need to know and action

  • Quick survey for classroom teachers. Information you added to the Distance Learning Monitoring needs further input.  Please take a look at the link above – right at the bottom of page 15 – there is a table with 3 headings.  We are after numbers (for reporting purposes for Bruce to ERO) and student initials (for pastoral purposes). By Tuesday please. (PS)
  • Student Led Conferences Guidelines : Remember to print and place on tables, the prompts for parents at the end of this doc (in English and Chinese) (PS)
  • Annual Appraisal Process Update Teachers please check this document. Let me know if there are any inaccuracies. Make a note of your plenary month this year. You need to write your annual appraisal summary this year and every year and book an appointment for the plenary with senior leaders every year. There are dedicated times when senior leaders are available..times for this are in the school calendar. Just let us know which one you book. (BW)

Heads Up

  • In regard to the two new Covid-19 cases, there is no school or early learning service linked to these cases.
  • We have new cleaners starting and expect to see improvements. Keep providing feedback in the book by the office photocopier. Both Danny and Joseph speak English. Please welcome them. (BW)
  • Health and safety meeting follow up: Pest control: cockroaches are coming back.  BW to book pest control for holidays. Sticks used by kids for play..can be dangerous and some trees are damaged. Notice for daysheet for teachers and duty teachers  to follow up. Pigeon droppings cleanup especially on R15 stair landing is an ongoing issue. Paul is cleaning regularly. Paul to check the number and location of sanitary bins and step ladders.(BW)


  • Te Reo classes for adults – Keri will be running classes on Monday at either 3.15 or 6.30.for the term. There will be no cost for teachers. (JS)


  • Thank you for your feedback. Here, for those who are interested, is the Principal Appraisal Staff Feedback. It will help inform the goals I have for the next 12 months. (BW)
  • Look after yourselves.. If you are finding energy levels low, join the club. We are going through an extraordinary experience and the need to change so quickly has drained our  reserves. Children too,  are over the buzz of returning to school and are now tired and fractious.  We are not expecting you to be hitting all the high notes yet. Let’s save that for after the holidays.Pace yourself.  Take a break. Enjoy the weekend. (BW)

Our team

  • Flying in from Jakarta, about 2 months ago, I’ve returned from a long stint of travel and work overseas. From what was going to be a year away from New Zealand, quickly turned into a three year adventure in leadership, culture and challenges. During my time there I learnt that community is the key to success at any school, a kiwi accent makes for an interesting International phonics program, and 35 degree heat is less than ideal to teach Jump Jam/PE. Beyond school I enjoy extreme sports and travelling to places off the beaten track. Later this year I’ll be facing my first Auckland half marathon… as weekend jogs aren’t quite enough -Amanda (Amanda Drabble teaches Year 1 in Room 12)


Kia whakapono, kia āio, kia ngāwari, he noho kāinga. Have faith, be calm, be kind, stay at home

Check the week ahead. Upcoming events on MaiPage (Staff Ready Ref Page)  It links to the school calendar.