5 June 2020

Heads Up

  • ERO will not be restarting individual school education reviews and reporting until later in the year.  In the next few weeks, ERO will be contacting us to collect information for national and regional reporting. Their focus will be on leadership, wellbeing and learning, and how schools are managing to support educational equity. Alongside their discussions with school personnel, they are undertaking regular surveys to gather additional information from teachers and learners. I expect that it won’t be until Term 4 that we have our school visit.  (Bruce)

  • The vacancy for Terms 3-4 teaching Room 9 has been advertised in the Gazette. If you know of someone who could do this job then talk to Claire or Bruce ASAP. REPEATED  (Bruce)

  • I hope you can find a few minutes to answer a couple of questions that will help me improve my effectiveness in my job. Principal Appraisal 2 Questions (Bruce)

  • For the next two terms Tania Davey will not work every second Friday and Nikki Black will be the reliever for Room 18 for most of the those 10 days. (Bruce)