Date:  22 May  2020  Alert Level 2

Critical Need to know and action

  • Reminder: All Leaders  meeting is at a new time Monday 12.40 (bring your lunch) Agenda sent yesterday. 

Heads Up

  • Thank you everyone for your efforts to  make this week so successful. The obvious enjoyment for our kids as they work in classrooms and play outside is a joy to behold. Tiredness is common and to be expected during this period of change and uncertainty. Please look after yourselves. Work shorter hours in level 2. Stay away in the weekend! (Bruce)
  • New contact tracer ap. This is not being considered as we have parents who are respecting our request to stay out of classrooms (Bruce)
  • Teachers can use Home Learning | Papa Kāinga TV programmes, lessons and resources to support learning in the classroom for students in Years 1 to 10 – we’ve developed a flier with more information that you can share with your teachers.
  • Teacher Council Fees increase: Read this to test your current position on this
  • The task of getting iPads and chrome books back in classes is almost done. Can you please have a check and let me know if you are missing chargers or iPads or chrome books or if you have a left over charger of any kind. Matching up both has been quite a mission. Currently I have lots of iPads and few chargers and lots of chromebook chargers and few chrome books.  (PS)
  • Coaching meetings have been delayed and will be in teacher meeting times in Weeks 9 and 10. Coaching partnerships will be sorted by the end of next week (Week 7). (JS)


Kia whakapono, kia āio, kia ngāwari, he noho kāinga. Have faith, be calm, be kind, stay at home

Check the week ahead. Upcoming events on MaiPage (Staff Ready Ref Page)  It links to the school calendar. 

Just ask Bruce, Jeanette or Peter if you want to know more about any of this….