Date:  15 May  2020   MOVING to L2 Monday 18 May 

Critical Need to know and action

  • This is the final Reopening for Level 2 Plan, with the second staffroom addition (as below)  from this afternoon’s Q&A. Thanks to everyone who has contributed. 
  • Junior team to have morning tea in the Resource room for the next two weeks. The resource room can be used at any time if you are concerned that the staff room is crowded. Talk to me if you have concerns about your vulnerability to Covid-19. Paul has extra hooks and wedges if you have a door that cannot be held back. All heat pumps are now operative. (BW)
  • Take some time today or tomorrow to type: update in your search bar – then click on check for updates then run your updates then shut down and restart. (you may need to click on the windows symbol bottom left of your screen.   My laptop needed 3 big updates this afternoon – it took about half an hour.  This will enable you to (for example) connect your laptop to your tv.  (PS)
  • NO AL Meeting Monday at 8am. Need time in classrooms.  (BW)

Heads Up


Kia whakapono, kia āio, kia ngāwari, he noho kāinga. Have faith, be calm, be kind, stay at home

Check the week ahead. Upcoming events on MaiPage (Staff Ready Ref Page)  It links to the school calendar. 

Just ask Bruce, Jeanette or Peter if you want to know more about any of this….