Hello everyone

Our staff met today to finalise our school plan to comply with public health measures.

What will Mairangi Bay School look like at Alert Level 2? 

We will:

  • proceed to Alert level 2 with caution. We have chosen to continue to limit non-essential curriculum activity both in and outside of school.  Although some activities such as school assemblies and school trips are now permitted at level 2, we will postpone activities like these until we are confident our protocols are working and that nationally we are progressing as expected. To this end, we will review the situation after two weeks  and opt to reinstate assemblies and trips etc if it is safe to do so;
  • comply with up to date advice from the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health; and
  • continue the best practice strategies such as hand washing, cough/sneeze etiquette, doors hooked back,  sick stay away, physical distancing where possible, tracking people, surface cleaning etc

You can read the 3-page plan here

It has been a huge challenge to reinvent the way we deliver the curriculum. We thank you for your assistance in the last 7 weeks. And for your messages of appreciation.

Today and tomorrow we are preparing for our kids to return on Monday …and the adults are as excited as the children!

We would love to see all children back on Monday but understand that there is still a small number of parents who are anxious. If you indicated in the survey last Friday that you would keep your child at home, and after reading the plan, have now decided to send your child back sooner, then please email office@mairangibay.school.nz so we know. Thanks

Kind regards

Bruce Warren, Principal