Kia ora tatou

Holiday Monday

It’s a public holiday on Monday. There will be no distance learning. It will start up again on Tuesday. 

Supervision at School 

In keeping with other schools in our area, we have only a small number of students registered for supervision at school starting from 29 April. Eight  children will be supervised at school for distance learning. They will have the same distance learning that children at home will have. We are happy to help parents who need it and host our school bubble next week. Confirmation was sent to the 6 families this afternoon.

NB: If you registered by 4pm yesterday and have not received the confirmation,  please email me immediately. 

On Monday 4 May I will email parents to see if anyone has had their circumstances change and needs the supervision. We will then make the necessary changes to our organization for the second week from 6 May.

Security Reminder

In only seven days (from 14 March) 6,500 parents have applied the filter settings to their children’s device. In this time, the filter has blocked 244,000 attempts to access inappropriate content and blocked 74,000 threats.  It is free and essential.  

Teacher Only Day 29 May 

Looking ahead, local schools have decided to postpone the combined teacher only day on 29 May. We know that after the lockdown  many people will appreciate not having to pay for child care.

Enjoy the long weekend