Good morning

Home Learning 

Our home learning team met before school this morning to progress our planning. We have some teachers working on this today.

Year 5-6 Students: Home learning will be delivered through Google Classroom direct to Year 5-6 students using the accounts they have already.

Year 1-4 Students: Communications will be direct to parents using Seesaw.  We did think you might need to have a Gmail account as we expected to use Google Classroom for all students but expert advice has caused us to change tack. You will not now need a Gmail address.

We expect to be able to provide a range of learning activities which will include a healthy balance and not too much screen time. There will be choice and options for parents to participate with their children. This initiative is a new one and will continue to improve as we get better at it. More information to follow.

Outside agencies

An added precaution: The hall has been closed until all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned. The use of the hall by outside groups in the evenings and weekends has been stopped.

School is Open

You know the measures we have in place to make our school as safe as possible.  We continue to monitor these measures daily. We still have a sufficient number of teachers and other staff at school.

Keeping You Up to date 

I will continue to send regular emails to you. When I receive communications from the Ministry of Education or Ministry of Health I will notify you as soon as possible. Should we need to close the school I will be in touch immediately. All of my updates are posted to our school’s website newsletter tab.

Look out for one another.


Kind regards

Bruce Warren, Principal