Good evening everyone /Kia ora tatou

If you missed the email earlier today..our parent tested negative. This is a relief.

Thank you

Thank you for supporting our efforts. We had some disappointed preschoolers this afternoon who so much wanted to play on the playground after school and you wonderful parents who heeded our request to practise physical distancing and exit the school at 3pm. Do let your little ones have 5 minutes play before you take them home with your school-age children when the 3pm bell goes.

Your team here appreciates the messages of appreciation as we work to support our community as best we can in this new reality which delivers so much uncertainty.

We now have over 250 replies to our “do you have a device your child could use at home for online learning” question.  If you have yet to tell us, please do it here.

School Closures 

The Ministry of Education is not expecting a lot of school closures although I think we should all be getting ready for this scenario. The Ministry writes:

  • Reminder – schools remain open. At this stage, we are not expecting widespread school closures. We are planning for temporary closures, like what is happening at Logan Park School but as the World Health Organisation has confirmed, the risk to children remains low and parents should continue to send their kids to schools and early learning centres. Consequently any decisions about school closures will be made on a case by case basis. In the meantime, unless students are unwell themselves, then parents should keep sending them to schools and early learning centres as these environments continue to be safe and the best place for them to continue their learning.

Children’s Anxiety

You have probably watched the NanoGirl video and I know teachers have used it with their classes. We are not seeing anxiety at school but know that sometimes children bottle it up, so we do recommend you talk about it and explain that washing hands kills the virus. Knowing they have control lessens anxiety. (This is the key message in the video)

More from the Ministry:

Up-to-date information and advice.

Information and advice for students, whānau and the education sector is available here. While the website is being regularly updated with education-related content, the Ministry of Health is the Government agency leading the response to COVID-19. The Secretary for Education joined the Director-General of Health for the Ministry of Health’s COVID 19 update yesterday. You can view that, and all Ministry of Health updates here.

Learning together for a better tomorrow

Kind regards

Bruce Warren, Principal