Good afternoon

The school has just heard that the parent who was tested for Covid-19 is healthy. The test was NEGATIVE. My understanding, is that he attended a concert where a case was confirmed and later had a sore throat. His employer asked him to be tested.  He has not returned from overseas and did not have flu symptoms. I thank the family for informing us so promptly and for keeping their children at home. I am pleased that children and parents continue to be healthy with no symptoms.

I know the information I shared about this possible case has caused a number of parents to keep their children at home today. I will continue to share information with you so that you can make informed decisions. We are doing what we can to make school a safe place and we do encourage you to send your children to school, as long as they are well.

This is good news today but we must assume that, as the virus spreads, we will be further impacted. Please continue to take care by thorough hand washing and physical distancing.

I am expecting an update from the Ministry of Education today and will email again. I just wanted you to know the test was negative.

Best regards

Bruce Warren, Principal