Date:  3 February 2020 

Critical Need to know and action

  • Classroom teachers are asked to reach out to any families in quarantine within the next 48 hrs ..(see BW emails today viz..instructions and then the list of students.) (BW) 
  • Learning Keys for the playground:Team leaders spoke to this in assembly. Teachers are asked to use the A3 copy and go over this each day to ensure all students understand. (BW)
  • Keeping our Grounds Beautiful: The designated areas are on the daysheet. Please make sure you have reliable monitors to keep your area clear of litter at 1.30pm every day. (BW)
  • Heat Pumps are Life Savers at this time of the year. They do not draw in fresh air so you need one high window open a little on each side of the room BUT please let’s not cool the neighbourhood! Keep the doors and other windows closed and our electricity bill affordable! Appoint a reliable air quality monitor. (BW)

Heads Up

  • New cleaning team– James, Isaac (tall and young) and Hong (older man) are on the job. They will give extra attention to high volume areas such as door handles and table tops with the coronavirus threat upon us.  Do say hi!. Remember if you find paper towels, soap or need something done write it on the cleavers whiteboard on the star to the staffroom. (BW) 
  • All leaders meeting will now be Monday mornings at 8am so expect the weekly Kōrero to enrich your Mondays, not Fridays anymore. (BW) 
  • Be the professional..our Guidelines has been added to the MaiPage(Ready Reference site). Make sure you have read it. (BW)
  • Mairangi Bay Beach cleanup Sunday 16 February..details in the school newsletter today. (BW)


Kia hikaka, kia māhi, kia pono te ngakau 

Check the week ahead. Upcoming events on MaiPage (Staff Ready Ref Page)  It links to the school calendar. 

Just ask Bruce, Jeanette or Peter if you want to know more about any of this….