Dear parents and caregivers of students in quarantine

Thank you for caring enough to stay away for the 14 day period. You have volunteered to stay away from school to help prevent the chance of the Novel Coronavirus spreading. Your efforts to keep everyone safe and well are appreciated by all of us at Mairangi Bay School.  Thank you again.
This email provides some general information that may be helpful.

Supporting students’ learning for their 14 day stay away time

  • Students can be doing some of their own research into this term’s learning, so that by the time they return to school, they are ready and able to contribute to class discussions.
  • Your child’s teachers will email you soon with some suggestions.
  •  Because the purpose of the 14-day incubation period is to try to avoid contact with other people, and possible spread of the virus, it is not recommended that students visit libraries, or undertake other activities that might involve mixing with the public.

For parents of students at home

Literacy and numeracy:

  • Depending on their age, students can be encouraged to read, or be read to. They can also help, by reading to their younger siblings, if they’re also home.
  • Keeping a journal or scrapbook during the time period is a way for them to collect and create. These could incorporate drawings, photos, plans and stories of things they’ve done, all of which will help their literacy skills.
  • Helping out with cooking and baking makes use of their maths skills and shows them how maths is all around them. Helping with housework also teaches your child lots of important skills about being organised, being part of the family, co-operating and contributing.

Key competencies:

As well as literacy and numeracy, The New Zealand Curriculum includes some important key competencies to prepare young people for life and work, and so that they can adapt and function well in the world.

These include ‘thinking’, ‘managing self’, ‘relating to others’ and ‘participating and contributing’.

The 14-day at-home period is a good opportunity to do things together that use one or more key competencies.

You could:

  • Plan a meal together (managing self)
  • Get some discussions going, for example, talk to your child about how (critical) thinking is important to make sense of everything they do at school and at home. Find some news items or opinion pieces, and discuss whether you each agree with what’s been said. Why? Why not?
  • Or talk about different ways of “being” in the world. Compare the different cultures in your life, so you can talk about how things are in different contexts, and why (relating to others).

Advice to parents

Keep an eye on our website and the Ministry of Health website:

Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) guidance – Ministry of Health 

Information sheet for parents below which has been translated into simplified Chinese:

致家长和照管人的重要信息 – Novel coronavirus Information for caregivers and whānau of learners  (translated into simplified Chinese)[PDF, 272 KB]

Nāku noa, nā

Bruce Warren

Principal / Tumuaki

Ph +64 9 478 8424 Ext 201