The Interviews: We have enjoyed hosting parents and children for interviews today. There is a wonderfully positive vibe. Teachers, parents and children, I have talked to, have enjoyed this new opportunity.

The Virus: We are well prepared at Mairangi Bay School for the start of the school year on  Monday.  The cooperation from our parent community has been excellent. We are very grateful to our Chinese parents for their support of the 14-day quarantine request and the efforts to ensure 100% compliance. We think that we have a record of every child who has visited China recently and when the 14-day quarantine allows them to come to school. We will be checking when children arrive on Monday to make sure and, as already explained,we have extra hygiene and cleaning measures in place.

Visiting School: For people new to our community please respect our protocols. For safety reasons, we allow only authorised visitors from 9 am to 2.55am. We ring a bell at 2.55 for parents who come to school to collect their children and you are welcome to enter then. This is all explained on each of the school gates.

Enjoy the weekend.

Bruce Warren, Principal