Coming Up

Monday 3 February

School opens at 8:30 am

Thursday 6 February

Waitangi Day Holiday – School Closed!

Sunday 16 February

Mairangi Bay Beach clean event. All welcome

Monday 17 February

Water Safety Theory sessions for Year 5 & 6

At a glance

  • Welcome to our new students and families
  • Visiting our school – What you need to know
  • Novel coronavirus
  • sKids Mairangi Bay Before and After school care
  • Sports Teams and Other Extra Curriculum opportunities.
  • School Attendance
  • Home/School email protocols
  • Homework expectations
  • School donations, contributions and fees
  • Choose safety over convenience
  • School lunches
  • Lost property
  • Our team  2020
  • Parking on school grounds
  • Collecting children
  • Beach cleanup

Principal’s Message

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year from all of us here on the MBS team.

It is great to be back and see so many smiling faces! There is a real buzz on the playground as the children return from holidays and are so excited to meet up with friends again. Children are settling quickly into school routines. Your children are benefiting from our teachers’ preparation in the last few weeks. The tone is very positive.

Welcome back to everyone and a special welcome Ms Sandy Mikhael (Room 1 teacher), Mrs Tania Davey (Room 18 teacher) ,Miss Rebekah Jones (Room 10 teacher) and Mrs Sarah Nicholls (Sports Manager) 

Welcome to all the new students and their families who have joined the Mairangi Bay School whanau. New students will be welcomed at our school assembly.

We value innovation. We wanted to set up the home school learning relationship from day one so this year we made time to meet with you on Friday, before school started today. The Meet the teacher interviews were well attended. We think they were productive and will seek your feedback shortly. 

There has been activity aplenty in January. To continue our grounds improvement programme, and in time for the start of term, the new garden between the hall and courts has been started by our property manager, Paul Loader. He has also built a seat for parents who come to collect from the Agathis Ave entrance and are waiting for the 2.55pm bell.

Thank you for ensuring that your children have what they need to get straight into school life and learning, by starting with the correct uniform, a school hat and the required stationery. It makes such a difference. It was pleasing to see on day one that almost all children had remembered that hats are compulsory in Term 1.

It can take some time for children to get back into the school routines after holidays with long light evenings and later bedtimes. Please ensure that your child gets to bed early so that she/he arrives on time at school (8.30-8.45) rested, fed and ready for a day’s learning!

We are set for an exciting and rewarding year ahead.

Kind regards,
Bruce Warren
PS: A family event you may not wish to miss is the Mairangi Bay Beach Clean up on Sunday 16 February. Details in this newsletter. See Community Notices.

Kia hikaka, kia maia, kia pono te ngakau.

School Notices

Welcome to our new students and their families

Eric Gao, Tristan Van Der Westhuizen, Riann Kang, Andy Wang, Libby Irvine, Xinbao Guan, Benjamin Dickson, Hayden West, Lily Boyd-Bell, Anna Taft, Matilda Tyka, Mila McColl, Oscar Wang, Leo Dzendrowski, Phoebe Gits, Christina Kim, Jennifer Lan, Oscar Lan, Junhee Chae, Yousef Abu Eideh, Grace Paranihi, Harry McPhail, Austin Gits, Andre McNee, James McDowall, Dora Tao, Anna Bradshaw, Fara Xu, Matty McDowall, Hanni Kim, Caleb Forster, Hyeonseong Kim, Max Wang, Alex Chen, Taylor Zhang, Jaehyeong Kim, Eric Liu and Gabriel Yin.

Visiting our School – what you need to know

We welcome you to our school at anytime. During school hours you are asked to report to our friendly office staff to sign in. For safety all visitors in school time must be authorised.
Parents who come to collect children at the end of the day are asked to enter the school grounds from 2.55pm. You are welcome to stay and supervise your children on the fields and playgrounds until 3.30pm to ensure the safety of all children on the grounds. Please leave at this time to respect the need for our teachers to have optimal conditions for preparation and meetings. You are always welcome to return weekends and summer evenings!
A bell will go at 3.15pm to indicate that children should: (1) have left the grounds; (2) be at after-school care; or (3) be in the supervision of a parent.
We ask parents to supervise children away from buildings. This means the junior and senior playgrounds, the field and all weather blue court. Please do not use the Junior outdoor area.

Novel Coronavirus.

Email updates have been sent at intervals with the latest information. Check our website home page and newsletters tab.

sKids Mairangi Bay

sKids operates Before and After School care at our school onsite.
To enrol your children please use our AIMY Plus system – you register with AIMY, enrol your children and book attendances using AIMY.
Please feel free to call in and speak with us onsite in the school hall, email, or ph 09 576 6602 with any queries.

Sports Teams and Other Extra Curriculum opportunities.

Information will be sent home shortly.

School Attendance

Please ensure you inform the school office of any absences or expected late arrivals as soon as possible. Either e-mail or telephone the office on 09 478 8424 (24/7).

Home – School Email Protocols

You can email anyone on the staff by typing the first name, the first letter of the surname and adding eg
Teachers are not sitting at a screen because, for the school day, they are teaching. They are also often engaged in meetings before school, at lunchtimes and after-school. Teachers will do their best to respond within 24 hours, but depending on what is happening it may be a little longer. For this reason, it is essential that any urgent communication should be directed to the school office and not to the teacher’s email address, for example an email on a rainy day to ask if a school trip is still on should be directed to the school office, not the teacher. (Better still, we ask that you first check your inbox and school bags for notices.)
Another example is if you are caught up at work and will be late collecting your child, an email should not be sent to the teacher. If there is an emergency and you can’t get to school to collect your child, phone the office so our office staff know there is a problem and can get a message to your child.
Teachers value the relationship they have with parents and they also know how important it is that teaching time is uninterrupted. For this reason, teachers will respond to email when they are not teaching and parents can expect a short reply, and if there is a concern or issue, an invitation to come to school. Teachers will not usually be writing long emails. They will not be reporting on student progress and achievement via email.
We do see that effective use of email will likely further improve the communication between home and school.

Homework Expectations

Each teacher will make it clear in writing about what he or she expects. Do ask if at any time you are unsure.

School Donations, Contributions and Fees

Thank you to everyone who has responded quickly to the letter posted in January and made payments promptly. Discounts apply until 29 February.

Choose Safety Over Convenience

During term time, you may see parking officers on the streets around our school. These officers are here to increase the safety of our children by ensuring people are cooperating with the parking rules as set out in the New Zealand Road Code.
The approach is ‘zero tolerance’, which means you will get a ticket if you are double parked, parked on yellow lines, or over someone’s driveway – as well as a number of other offences. Please park appropriately to keep our children safe and to avoid being ticketed.
Fewer cars = less chaos
Where possible, we would like to encourage families to walk, carpool, or catch a walking school bus. If you are driving a car, please park a short distance from the school and walk the rest of the way. Never leave your car unattended in the Galaxy Drive pick up drop off zone at the crucial times before school and 2.45-3.15pm.
Thank you all for helping keep our students safe.

School Lunches

Children are expected to bring lunch to school. This is eaten under supervision either outside or indoors.
We request that children take home their lunchbox waste, including packaging and uneaten food. Fruit and vegetable scraps can be placed in our school compost bins.
EZlunches are available every day, and a Sausage Sizzle ($1.50) every Thursday.
As an Enviroschool, we encourage children to bring an “Eco-Friendly” lunch. This benefits the environment (less litter on the playground), families (saves money) and the children (healthy food choices).

Top tips for Eco-Friendly lunchboxes:

Lunch boxes with lots of compartments or small re-usable containers save on the need to buy plastic wrap. (Make sure these are named with your child’s room number.)
Wrap sandwiches in a cloth napkin or use paper lunch wrap.
Buy in bulk then divide into smaller portions instead of buying multi-packs.
Homemade biscuits are fun to make and a waste-free alternative to pre-wrapped muesli bars.
Use fresh, raw fruit, vegetables and nuts as tasty snacks that don’t need wrapping.
Pre-cutting apples and oranges encourages children to eat them and avoids half eaten apples being thrown away.
Fill reusable bottles with water or juice rather than buying juice cartons. Consider BPA free bottles as an alternative to plastic bottles. No juice – just water please.

Lost Property

Please make sure that all property is clearly labelled. Any unnamed items will be put in the lost property box in the hall foyer and held until the end of each term. Any unclaimed property will be disposed of/recycled at the end of each term. All unclaimed uniform will be given to the PTA second-hand shop.

Our Staff team  2020

Who we are and what we do is on our website ..

Parking on school grounds
Parking on school grounds is not permitted, unless you are collecting your child for medical reasons between the hours of 9.30am and 2.30pm.
The parking area outside the school office is for designated cars, visitors, emergency vehicles, pick-up for medical reasons, couriers, bin collections and trucks that need to unload. Please keep this area clear at all times.

Collecting children
For health and safety reasons, caregivers need to ensure their children are picked up promptly at 3pm unless they are booked into sKids (before/after school care centre). If you have an emergency and don’t think you will be at school by 3pm, please ensure you call the school office on 09 478 8424 to inform us at your earliest convenience. Students are not allowed to be on the school playground after school hours, unless supervised by a responsible adult.

Sports News

Welcome back to another exciting year of sport here at Mairangi Bay School. Dates for your diaries: Please see school website for more information regarding Interschool and Extra curricular sports events.


Monday: Yr 1-2 Semester 1 – 17th Feb – 29th June.
Tuesday: Yr 5-6 Semester 1 – 24th Feb – 3rd July
Wednesday Yr 3-4 Semester 1 –  24th Feb – 3rd July
Thursday: Yr 5-6 Semester 1 – 24th Feb – 3rd July

Please complete registration form and send it into the office or email to before the 10th of Feb.

Trial dates for Year 5 and 6 are Monday the 10th of February at lunchtime in the hall 12:30 by Chanel from the Breakers.
Please have your registration form in before this date if you intend to trial for team placement.

Flippaball ( Yr 3-6 only )
If you would like to play Flippaball in term 1 please get your registration forms in before Wednesday the 12th of February
For any other sports enquiries please refer to school website or email

Information regarding Netball and Hockey for Term 2 will be out later this term!

Sarah Nicholls

Sports Coordinator

PTA News

For all PTA related enquiries please email


Ph 09 478 8424 extn 1 Online via website

Community Notices

Notices are put in this section as a service to our community.  The school does not necessarily endorse these community advertisements and you are advised to check for yourself, the reliability of providers, events, camps, and courses.

Mairangi Bay Beach Clean Up on Sunday 16th February (full details at  ).

A lot of students are taking a greater interest in the state of our environment now and we have had several come to our events in order to clock up their community service hours for various awards.

Kind regards,

Emma Wingrove (Clean up Crew Organiser)