Tēnā koutou parents

A heads up about next week.

Class placements have now been finalised. Most parents leave it to the school to make placements without providing information to be considered by teachers. About 15% take up the invitation and usually ask to keep certain friendships together. Many hours have been spent on this but many requests were not able to be met. Friendships are not always productive learning relationships. We make the call by what we see happening at school. We place children in classes to ensure mixed ability, even numbers for gender and year groups, productive learning relationships, and an even spread of English language learners.

Although parent information is considered, the main driver is teacher knowledge of your child and what works best in the classroom.

We are committed to ongoing improvement.  You will notice several changes to our end of year organisation. 

Rearrangement of teams.  Year 5-6  classrooms will all be upstairs (13,14,15,18,19). Year 3-4 classrooms will be 16,17,1,2,3,4. (There will be one more classroom next year at this level) Year 1-2 classroom placement is not changing. 

Teacher movement.  New teachers join our teaching team. Ms Sandy Mekhael to Y3-4 and Ms Rebekah Jones to Y1. Some teachers will be moving year levels: Mrs Jill Garton to Year 2; Mrs Caley Plinston and Mrs Jody Kukard to Y3-4; and Mrs Jane Dundas and Maree Cutfield to Year 1 (Room 8).

Year 6 Leaving ceremony (Tues 6pm). This is more informal, in the evening so everyone can attend and followed by a celebration (7pm) at school  (just for Year 6 children and families). 

Student reports and 2020 letter.  These will be emailed to you on Wednesday. The school organisation letter provides a more detailed picture of what the 2020 organisation looks like and information about the class placement process. 

Visiting 2020 classroom. Our Year 1-5 students will visit their 2020 rooms to meet with next year’s teacher and classmates on Wednesday. Your child will bring home a note on that day with the names of the children s/he knows and the name of the 2020 teacher. Please make this an opportunity to build resilience in your child if there is any anxiety. Children will follow your lead. 

Monday and Tuesday next week will be busy. Paul Loader will be moving classroom furniture in readiness for 2020. We will need some of our Year 5-6 students to be ready to help with lighter items if and when required and ask that they wear shoes on these two days. If you are happy for your child to help out then please ensure they have appropriate footwear. 

Our last day is Thursday 19 December when our children are dismissed at 12.30 to go home for lunch. (and a long summer holiday!)

The cute factor at the Junior Showcase this morning was through the roof and so too was the strength of this message.  ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas.’ 

Festive greetings!

Bruce Warren, Principal