Date: 22 November 2019

Critical Need to know and action

  • Units Review: Expressions of Interest sought for FTU in 2020  Each Unit $4k before tax.   Refer Kōrero email for details Email BW by Tuesday 26 (BW)

In School Leader positions: Job description Each position $8k before tax. Email me by Tuesday 26 (BW)

    • Team Placement Review for 2020. Thank you everyone for your input and your professionalism. The decision is made to have Y5-6 Rooms 14-15,13,18-19 and Year 3-4 Rooms 1-4, 16-17. Juniors mostly the same..still to finalise.  The explanation is here. Teaching teams placement review for 2020 decision explained.  (BW)
    • Room allocation: Teachers are invited to make a case for any rooms by Tuesday 26 . Email BW your thoughts and reasons particularly if you want to develop collaborative teaching with a buddy team member. If you decide not to share your thoughts we will allocate a classroom space based on what we know already.(BW)
    • A Movement plan to set up for 2020. Tell Peter if you want to be involved in the planning. 
    • Class placement process to start by the end of next week when we know where teachers will be. (BW)
    • Teacher meeting Wk 8 Tuesday 3 Dec –the first part of the meeting will be run by facilitators for the PB4L programme. Teachers will be required to complete a survey. This will be followed by the evaluation of the Term 3 topic. (JS)

Heads Up

  • Property Update: A meeting with our  Ministry property advisor has resulted in some changes to our 5YA timeline. The next project is the replacement of joinery for Rooms 1-4,5-8 including ranch slider doors. This is now overdue but all quotes were too high for the MoE so it is not likely now until the end of term 1 holidays. The new plan is to get this done as well as an upgrade of these 8 classrooms and possibly the breakout shade area  (this is dependent on MoE funding). It does mean that the upgrade of the R9-12,13 is now two years away when an extra $200k will mean we can do this job to a higher standard. We are keen to consider any spruce up ideas for R9-12 to tie us over. (BW)