Coming Up

Tuesday 29 October

WeLearn Students, Year 5-6 at Campbells Bay Primary School

APPA Choir Rehearsal at Pt Chevalier School

Wednesday 30 October

Year 5-6 North Harbour Gymnastics Team at NHG

Thursday 31 October

Year 3-4 MOTAT Steam trailer visiting our school

Hearing and Vision Testing

Friday 1 November

Junior Athletics 9 am – 10:30 am

Year 3-4 MOTAT Steam trailer visiting our school

Assembly in our school hall at 1:40 pm – All welcome!

Tuesday 5 November

Year 5-6 Super Touch Rugby – Ashley Reserve, Long Bay

Wednesday 6 November

Photolife – Room 10 and School Team Photos

Year 5-6 Einstein Olympiad students at Rangitoto College

Board of Trustees Meeting 7.30pm

Thursday 7 November

Year 5-6 Gymnastics Competition at North Harbour Gymnastics Stadium

Friday 8 November

EduCafe (chat with Bruce) 9 -9.30am

Culture Group at Windy Ridge School

Friday 8 – 15 November

Year 0-1 Swimming at Hilton Brown

Monday 11 November

Year 5-6 Super Touch Rugby Save Day

At a glance

  • Welcome to our new families
  • Student Placements – Deadline Friday 8 November
  • Grandparents and Friends Day Friday 22 November
  • Christine Wightman Farewell assembly Wednesday 18 December 2pm
  • Reminders about visiting, collecting kids, parking etc
  • Music News – Ukulele Festival and Hand Chime Group
  • Sports News – Student Success
  • PTA News – Grandparents’ Day, Summer Soccer, Second-hand uniform and Pie-day Friday
  • Community Notices

Principal’s Message

Tēnā koutou

We are committed to ongoing improvement and your feedback is critical. We really do want to hear what you think.  We are currently seeking feedback from parents of year 4 and 5 students to inform our planning for the 2020 camp. Another online survey has been sent to the parents of children who have started at our school this year.   Everyone please look out for an online survey in your inbox next week. It’s called the Area of Service Survey. We want as many people as possible providing feedback for the big picture stuff to inform our strategic planning as well as finding out your thoughts about bringing your own devices and future school projects. If you would like to provide feedback in person, you are welcome to attend the next EduCafe session which is Friday 8th November at 9 a.m. Alternatively, I am available each day for a chat at the gate or email me to make a time.

We look forward to seeing some of you on Friday morning for the junior team athletics.  This is a fun event.

Nāku noa, nā

Bruce Warren, Principal

Kia hikaka, kia māia, kia pono te ngakau 

School Notices

Welcome to..

Our new student, Arshia Kharbanda and her family

Student placements for 2020

Reminder – Deadline for parent input is this Friday, 8 November. Details are in the 14 October newsletter.

Grandparents and Friends Day 

This annual event is very popular with our children and our community. If your children have grandparents (or uncle/aunty,  family friend or neighbour) that would like to join us at school on Friday 22 November, please make sure that this date is marked on relevant calendars.  Our PTA will assist with hospitality on the day. More details about the programme will follow.

Farewell Assembly

We say thank you and goodbye to Christine Wightman on 18 December at a 2pm assembly. All welcome. Spread the word to anyone who you think might want to be there.

 Some reminders:

Thank you to everyone who chooses safety over convenience. You are in the vast majority.

Visiting our School – what you need to know

We welcome you to our school at anytime. During school hours you are asked to report to our friendly office staff to sign in. For safety, all visitors in school time must be authorised.

Parents who come to collect children at the end of the day are asked to enter the school grounds from 2.55 pm. You are welcome to stay and supervise your children on the fields and playgrounds until 3.30 pm to ensure the safety of all children on the grounds. Please leave at this time to respect the need for our teachers to have optimal conditions for preparation and meetings. You are always welcome to return weekends and summer evenings!

A bell will go at 3.15 pm to indicate that children should: (1) have left the grounds; (2) be at after-school care; or (3) be in the supervision of a parent.

We ask parents to supervise children away from buildings. This means the junior and senior playgrounds, the field and all weather blue court. Please do not use the Junior outdoor area – families/children have been removing the sandpit cover after school and weekends, leaving the sand exposed for animals to leave their offerings. Also, families/children have been using the mud kitchen after school and weekends. It was a mess! We would like the children to respect this area to just be used during school time.

After School Collection 

Children must be collected at 3 pm.  If a child is not collected, they will be taken to the office and parents phoned.  If you have difficulties in picking up your child on time, an on-site Before and After school care facility (SKIDS) is available.  SKIDS information can be found here.

School Entrances, Parking and Safety

The school has a Travel Plan which, with Council’s help, is providing safer crossing sites for students so that parents can further encourage walking to and from school. We have two entrances, each of which presents potential hazards when children are arriving at, and leaving school. Parents who are bringing and/or collecting children from school at the Galaxy Drive entrance must observe the following guidelines:

  1. Do not get out of your car between the P2 signs. This is the drop off/pick up zone. Drivers who infringe are likely to receive parking tickets.
  2. Do not park over driveways, entrances, “yellow lines” or the white lines by the Kea Crossing.
  3. Do not “double park”.
  4. Do not call your child across the road or allow younger children to cross on their own when traffic is heavy. Cross with your child at a safe place.
  5. Do not drive into the school driveway or school grounds to bring or collect your child.
  6. Avoid reversing or making “U” turns in Galaxy Drive.
  7. Ensure that children leave and enter cars on the passenger side at the footpath. No parking is available in the school grounds. Please park at the roadside avoiding the no parking areas.
  8. If you are in the queue please switch off the engine until it is time to move up. 

Parents using the Agathis Avenue entrance are requested to park well clear of the turning circle. The car park in the school grounds is for staff use and official visitors. Do not use this park to pick up or drop off children, or as a turning area. When turning in Agathis Avenue, do so with great caution.

The walkway to Mayfair Crescent is recommended to parents as this is a safe place to let off children in the morning and park and wait for children after school. A “walking bus” operates from the Kowhai Road and Maxwelton Drive areas. This is supervised safe walking. Phone our school office for more information. Our road patrol operates every day on Matipo Road from 8.30 am until 8.55 am and then after school until 3.15 pm. Parents who have to drive their children to school are encouraged to reduce congestion by dropping and collecting their children in Matipo Road and avoiding Galaxy Drive. Always choose safety over convenience. People who put our children’s safety at risk can expect infringement notices from the police or council.

Music News

Ukulele Festival is Saturday 16 November
Many of our Ukulele Club members (year 3-6 students) will be attending this.

Hand Chime group
We will have the opportunity to perform at a Christmas concert and on Grandparents Day.
Here is the happy bunch at our rehearsal last week.
The hand chime set has been lent to us for the last three years and has been used in most classroom music sessions.

Mrs McCormack
Music Teacher

Sports News

Lola Guo, from Room 19 participated in the Level 3 meets swimming competition which is held by North Shore Swimming club at the Sir Owen Glenn National Aquatics Centre on October 20th. She came 1st in the 25m butterfly and the 25m breaststroke, 2nd place in 25m freestyle and 3rd place for the 25m backstroke. Well done!!.
Ryan McWilliams

 PTA News

Grandparents and Friends Day
Our annual Grandparents Day is coming up Friday 22 November. More details to follow but please note this is open not only to Grandparents, but neighbours, special family friends etc

Summer Soccer
Kicks off Friday 1 November. All queries please contact

Second-hand uniform shop

Hours for 2019: Mondays 3 pm. All items $5 or $10 via cash or bank transfer.

Pie Day Fridays

Reminder – Friday is ‘Jesters pie day’, for every pie ordered the school will receive $2 back. Simply order through your Kindo account, you will see a new tab for Jesters Pies. You can order anytime this week up until 2 pm Thursday. The hot pies will be delivered to your child’s classroom Friday lunchtime. All proceeds will go to the PTA.

Minutes to the latest PTA meeting will be posted on the website once they have been finalised.


Ph 09 478 8424 extn 1 Online via website

Community Notices

Notices are put in this section as a service to our community.  The school does not necessarily endorse these community advertisements and you are advised to check for yourself, the reliability of providers, events, camps, and courses.