Date: 27 September 2019

Critical Need to know and action

  • Important Security Information: When/if  you come to school during the holidays you must fill in the alarm log on arrival and when you leave. When exiting, lock any doors and windows for any area you have entered and turn off heat pumps. The last person away each day must alarm all areas. Use the code 1234 for this is in the notes on the wall by the keypad) This is important as cleaners will not be in each day and Paul will be in China with the staff travellers in the second week (and Mon-Tuesday of Term 4). (BW)
  • Follow the directions on the end of term countdown. Your classroom/office needs to have tables and other surfaces clear to allow the cleaners to do their best work for the holiday clean.(BW)
  • We have been notified that Rangitoto College has a confirmed case of the measles. Our school does not have anyone with the measles but this could change at any time, perhaps in the holiday fortnight. We have all the information from the Public Health Service and will be ready to follow the necessary process should we need to. This may require parents  who cannot prove that their children are vaccinated to keep them at home. (BW)
  • This may also apply to staff who are not vaccinated. The Board has offered to pay for blood tests if you think you are not vaccinated so you will then know if you are immune or not. (BW)
  • Please note that the cleaning company will be doing the annual pest control on Sunday afternoon 6th October. Stay away. (HF)
  • Please welcome our new cleaners husband Yoon and wife Yeeun (BW)

Heads Up

  • Congratulations to our full time teachers who joined the team this year. We are delighted to have Jody, Di, Sean and Adam adding further value  in 2020. Rebekah Jones will also be joining the team and another appointment is pending. (BW)
  •  Think before you print: Keep up the fierce determination to reduce printing. We have reduced output but we are still tracking over budget month by month. (BW)
  • Our ERO review is not yet scheduled but it is expected in Term 1 next year. If it is early in the term they will likely ask for this year’s  planning and assessment. (BW)
  • Reminder: The Keeping Ourselves Safe programme is on the first weeks of next term. School Community officer Tania Wansink will run a staff session on Tues 15 Oct and a parent information evening on 16 Oct at 6.30 in the library. (JS)

 Poipoia te kakano kia puawai   Nurture the seed and it will blossom

Check the week ahead. Upcoming events on MaiPage (Staff Ready Ref Page)  It links to the school calendar. Just ask Bruce, Jeanette or Peter if you want to know more about any of this….