Critical Need to know and action

  • Feedback from Tuesday’s lockdown practice – Please wait to be released by a member of the SLT.  Make sure you are checking your emails as this is how the SLT will contact you. Lock all doors (that you can) from the outside in (if you can lock 3 locks – lock all 3 doors)  In a real lockdown – if a parent comes along wanting to get their child – do not let them in.   If they make an issue of it – call 111 (email SLT) and let the police deal with them (very unlikely to occur). We are looking into getting some buckets for food, wipes, water etc for each class.  Next steps are the schedule a lunchtime lockdown to see if the kids go straight to the nearest building. Probably Term 4 for that one. (PS)
  • After much deliberation and consideration of all viewpoints put to the senior leaders team,  (thank you everyone who took up this opportunity) the decision is for change. We think a single year cohort structure will be likely to deliver even better learning and well-being for our children as they transition through our school. But not yet.  Class sizes at year 3 and year 6 will be too high to run with this organisation next year. It is the favoured option for 2021. Senior leadership roles will change next year with Jeanette providing team leadership mentoring and SENCO for Y0-3 and Peter will have both these roles for Year 4-6.  (BW)
  • End-of-day housekeeping: a kind reminder to please check that windows are closed properly, heat pumps are off, screens are off, and chairs are stacked up (4-5 chairs) to free the space for vacuuming. (HF)

Heads Up

  • Kāhui Ako Bulletin ..check your inbox.
  • Remember staff quiz this afternoon! 
  • All leaders have decided to introduce karakia whenever this is appropriate. We do it at assemblies and Garden to Table..let’s try meetings.
  • Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori “ theme Kia Kaha Te Reo Maori continue to use commands, simple phrases, kupu (vocab) in your classroom programme to make every week Maori Language Week. (JS).
  • Hone Heke Rankin and some students from Rangitoto College will be at school next Friday morning to teach the Culture Group and some Y5s the Kahui Ako Haka. (JS)
  • The dental van will be on site again next week.(JS)
  • Mel has emailed helpful information about the hall sound system today.  (BW)


He aroha whakatō, he aroha ka puta mai. If kindness is sown, then kindness is what you shall receive.

Check the week ahead. Upcoming events on MaiPage (Staff Ready Ref Page)  It links to the school calendar.

Just ask Bruce, Jeanette or Peter if you want to know more about any of this….