A warm and wintery welcome to the first edition of Mairangi Bay School’s “Board Talk”.  

This is a quick update from your representative team as an effort to keep you informed about our efforts to support the best possible outcomes for our children and the school.

We live in interesting and changing times, as the diversity of our city, local suburbs and our school rapidly evolves.  Over the last few board meetings, the team has considered this and what we should do as a governance group to ensure we make robust decisions that benefit the entire school community.

This starts by ensuring we have input from a diverse and effective board.

Over 35% of our student population is now of Asian descent (46% is NZ European). The board believes its makeup should reflect that and instigated a process that has resulted in the co-option of Young Sun to the board.  Young is able to help inform the board when cultural context is required from an Asian perspective. He is also able to fully contribute to our school’s governance, through his great business knowledge, contacts and clear passion for helping the school.

Further details are available in the Board of Trustees meeting minutes.

The board has also given a clear mandate to Bruce and the leadership team to ensure we reflect and respect our bi-cultural heritage.  Jeanette Smail has tirelessly contributed to, and driven this, for our school. It is our goal, through releasing additional funding and support for Maori culture initiatives, that she and the entire staff will be able to magnify and increase cultural opportunities and understanding for our children.

With this in mind, and when thinking about board diversity, if you know of someone who is well respected in the Maori community, with a deep understanding of Maori culture, who may be interested in serving on the board – we’d love to hear about them, grab a coffee and have a chat.  Perhaps it’s you?

You can contact the board about this, or any other matter through any of the board members you may know and feel comfortable approaching (see https://www.mairangibay.school.nz/board-of-trustees/).  Or simply email the board – _BOT@mairangibay.school.nz

Thanks for taking the time to read.



Scott Walker

Chair – Mairangi Bay Primary School Board of Trustees