Critical Need to know and action

  • We are overspending for relievers and need to make cutbacks. This doesn’t mean you come to work when you are sick! It does mean we will cut back on professional development courses that require relievers. (BW)
  • Continue to ensure you look after yourself by washing and drying hands thoroughly and supervising your children in the use of hand sanitizer or hand washing before breaks. There is still a lot of winter illness. We need to stay well. (BW)
  • New hand sanitizer dispensers have been trialled in Room 9 and 10 and today installed (thanks Paul) throughout the classrooms. Note that correct handwashing is still important. The dispensers need to be monitored to prevent misuse. Especially good when children have sneezed or have a cough. (BW)
  • Air quality: There should always be a high window open a little on both sides of the classroom to ensure you have fresh air. Heat Pumps circulate air.. they don’t bring in fresh air. Teachers could appoint a child as air quality monitor. (BW)
  • Heat Pump Maximum setting is 22 degrees. This will warm your room and avoid power overload (and loss of internet!) Exceed 22 and the heat pump policeman will track you down! (BW)
  • Talking of the internet….. Can you please reinforce with students – mainly seniors but possibly others – that students are not to use the internet unsupervised during wet lunches.(PS)
  • Clarified and agreed at this morning’s all leaders meeting. If you are away for your CRT you have missed it. It is too difficult to reschedule and not fair on CRT teachers. No swapping with other teachers. We need a simple system. (BW)

Heads Up

    • Just for the first two weeks. Ellie will take Zach after that. Homestay host wanted: Jach Paul,  a young teacher from Indiana Uni.  From 21 Oct for 2 weeks. Full board paid. Teaching with Jan W. Let me know ASAP. If there is no staff member, I will advertise this to the parent community. (BW)


  • Policy: Current reviews for Staff and Board: Performance Management and Health and Safety. Provide feedback at school docs  ( Search for our school. UN/PW mairangibay/galaxy Current Review  Click on red shield “Under Review” to provide feedback. (BW)


  • Helpful Sharing options for your journal (from InterLEAD) (BW)
  • Next Friday is National Day of Support for Principals. The success of the teachers claim and government refusal to include principals created a disparity where in some cases principals are paid less than the deputy principals.   The plan is to restore relativity and provide the financial incentive for people to apply for principal positions.