Critical Need to know and action


  • Term 2 Countdown   What you need to do before you go on holiday at the end of  next week (JS)
  • Alarm setting during school break. Please make sure to sign in/out and set the alarm promptly when you come to school during the holiday. Last school holidays we had 4 security call outs with the cost of nearly $300 which could have been prevented (HF).
  • Room 4 starts up in week 1 next term. We welcome Siobhan Cooper back as classroom teacher. She returns to Year 1 teaching and will continue Garden to Table on Thursdays. CRT will continue but with a different teacher and in the home classroom, as Room 4 will be in use.  More info to come. (BW)


  • Classroom  teachers are to send any child who is obviously unwell to sick bay at the start of the day. We do not want these children spreading winter illnesses to other children and staff. Parents will be asked to collect them (BW)
  • We will be installing hand sanitiser units school wide and provide guidelines for use.(BW)
  • We are managing safety well but we do need to make sure that hazards are logged on the Hazard register and if it is urgent, see Paul and tell him straight away. It is not only your H&S rep that can do this..anyone can at any time.

Heads Up

  • Your Board is Scott Walker(Chair)/ Lucy  (Hannah Rose Y3R13), Robert Saunders/Lauren  (Cole Y6R2, Addison Y3R13) Lucy Tagg (new) /Sean (Simon Y4R18, Patrick Y2R20), Kiri Wilson-Cudby (new)/Logan (Emily Y6R1, Alice Y2R7), Anna Rajaratnam (new)/Siraj (Mia Y5 R15 , Samuel Y3 R19) John Fowler (new staff rep), Bruce Warren and Holly Fang (Minute secretary) Peter and Jeanette usually attend meetings. (BW)
  • Seniors – can you please update the ICAS doc – deadline for expression of interest is Thursday Week 10. However would like to get the letter to parents out on Monday W10 so I can start distributing practice tests.  See this doc for latest information. (PS)
  • Year 2 upwards teachers – Year 6 Maths Extension class doc – thank you for finding a maths struggler who will work with a Y6 Maths Wizard.  I would like to send the Wizards around on Monday to have a chat with your student so they do a brief survey and start to get to know their student.  Please come and talk to me about when and how often you would like to have them teacher your student before the end of the term. (PS)
  • The survey about food options for Parent Teacher evening was inconclusive.  Without a mandate for change – I will order the usual lovely Thai and Indian. (PS)
  • Reminder to add data to the Tails documents please (JS)
  • Coaching – partnerships will be out next week ready for meetings in Weeks 1 and 2 next term. (JS)


Check the week ahead. Upcoming events on MaiPage(Staff Ready Ref Page)  It links to school calendar.

Just ask Bruce, Jeanette or Peter if you want to know more about any of this….