Critical Need to know and action

  • NZEI members : voting to accept or reject the latest offer must be done by Tuesday (BW)
  • Stuarts’ farewell is on the last day of term. School assembly and then for staff, afternoon tea and drinks  in the staffroom or library. Please put this in your calendar now. (BW)
  • Reports are emailed in a link to parents next week., probably Friday. Paper copies are only available on request.  (BW)
  • Last week’s edition was overlooked and can be read below this one.

Heads Up

  • Reminder: Next health and safety committee meeting is 3.15 on Thursday 27 June (BW)
  • Seniors – can you please update the ICAS doc – deadline for expression of interest is Thursday Week 10.  (PS)
  • Year 2 upwards teachers – can you please update the Year 6 Maths Extension class doc – looking for maths strugglers who would benefit from one on one help from a fabulous mathematician. (PS)
  • The technician is coming  to repair our sound system on Monday just after 12.30. I do not know how long this will take, it may mean that the hall might be out of use in the final block.Can teachers please work around this.(SD)