Critical Need to know and action

  • Kahui Ako Teacher ( & TA) only  Day tomorrow 8.30am – 3pm Rangitoto College.  (BW)
  • Holiday Monday as if you needed a reminder for that!  (BW)
  • Measles: Message from Public Health Service: all staff members should have documented evidence of immunity from a MMR vaccination, a previous measles diagnosis, or a blood serology test that confirms immunity. If staff cannot prove immunity and are born after 1 Jan 1969, they should get one MMR vaccination immediately from their doctor. I think we are good for this because I know a number of you took up our offer that Jeanette set up and have been immunised in the last few days.  (BW)

Heads Up

  • The old Mid-Bays Music Festival has morphed into the Mid Bays Kahui Ako Performing Arts Festival and you can see it in your classroom on Friday. The live stream link is in the daysheet next Friday. Watch our  school dance item plus.. We have kids in kapa haka, ukulele orchestra, symphony orchestra, choir, dance, and musical theatre items. This link will be sent to parents too. (BW)
  • Kōrero feedback: 12 out of 12 respondents said they are better informed.. “It’s great to know what is going on in the school and to have these regular updates/once a week is better than at random times./I think it has been a great initiative for our school as I now feel informed at the same time as everyone else, so it’s a big tick from me. Once a week is great as well.” Someone suggested we open it up for other staff  to contribute.Why not?  If you have something for the Friday Kōrero, email it to me by Friday 9am. (BW)
  • Homestay host wanted: Jach Paul,  a young teacher from Indiana Uni. ( we have Natalie at the moment)  From 21 Oct for 8 weeks. Full board paid. Teaching with Jan W. Let me know ASAP (BW)
  • Book Club: add your favourite book for your friends to enjoy. (BW)
  • Replacement teacher chairs have been ordered for the ones that are broken/ not fit for purpose (BW)


Just ask Bruce, Jeanette or Peter if you want to know more about any of this….If you have something for the Friday Kōrero, email it to Bruce by Friday 9am.